How and with what to wear leather things for a woman after 50, so as not to look vulgar

For several seasons in a row, leather items remain at the peak of popularity. Many women have already bought leather pants or a skirt. Ladies after 50 would also like to buy leather clothes, but they believe that their age has already passed in order to wear such things. This is because they make a 50-year-old woman older. This is the opinion of many ladies.

Stylists do not agree with this position and do not share it. If you correctly combine leather items with other clothes in your wardrobe, you can create stylish sets.

  1. Leather pants and oversized sweater

Who said that leather pants are suitable only for young beauties? In combination with a voluminous sweater that covers the hips, you get an original set. In it you can go to a meeting or a date, or you can just take a walk. From shoes it is best to choose ankle boots with stable heels.

  1. Leather shirt and stylish pants

The leather shirt leads the way in leather shopping because it helps create a layered look. A shirt made of leather fits perfectly into a set with flared trousers. She will only emphasize individuality and help the representative of the weaker half stand out from the crowd. However, do not forget that a black thing near the face can add several years to real age. Therefore, instead of black, you should consider other shades or change the shade of a black leather shirt to other colors.

Whatever is combined with a leather shirt, it always looks fashionable. The look is bold and stylish.

  1. Leather skirt

What is definitely not suitable for a woman after 50 is a cropped model of a leather skirt. It really looks gross. But the straight model to the middle of the knee or slightly above it will emphasize the figure. This season, patch pockets on a leather skirt, as well as a slit are in fashion. This does not age at all, but, on the contrary, makes you younger. A classic shirt is suitable as a top. From shoes – high-heeled shoes.

  1. Jacket – biker jacket

The leather jacket is always timeless. It complements any look and makes it modern. Women aged 50+ can safely wear classic trousers, capri pants, as well as wide models with a leather jacket. You can pair the jacket with jeans that have no decor or are minimized.

As you can see, with the right and harmonious combination and at the age of 50, you can safely wear leather things and look fashionable and stylish at the same time.


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