How Daria Dontsova’s detectives saved the writer’s life

It is curious that Daria Dontsova (aka Agrippina Arkadyevna Dontsova) published her first book only in 1999. At that time, the woman was almost 50 years old. Today detectives Daria Dontsova (of which there are already more than 100) published with a circulation of 230 million! Not surprisingly, Dontsova is considered perhaps the most sought-after and prolific Russian writer.

Today edition “So easy!” offers to talk a little about the work of Daria Dontsova, as well as about the latest disturbing news associated with this amazing woman.

Detectives Daria Dontsova

Not all fans of Daria Dontsova’s talent know that the woman began to write when she was in the hospital. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Operations followed one after another, but there was almost no hope of recovery.

In order not to finally lose heart and be distracted from the difficult reality, the woman undertook to write. Her funny detective story, written in an ironic style, immediately found grateful readers. Everyone wanted to see a sequel. However, few people expected that the writer would prepare as many as 5 works by the end of the treatment.

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Creativity not only helped a woman to heal, but also glorified all over the world. It is read in the vastness of the former USSR, in Western Europe, and even in China. Daria Dontsova’s detectives invariably become bestsellers. This is especially surprising when you consider her amazing creative fertility. After all, a writer takes a month to write one book.

Fans of Daria Dontsova’s creativity consider her works to be an effective remedy for depression. And the autograph of this creative woman is considered almost an amulet for good luck. Although there are enough critics. But is it possible to imagine in our time a truly successful person without envious people and haters?

How Daria Dontsova has been living lately

Recently, the writer really scared her Instagram followers. The woman posted a video from the hospital, where she hurried to dispel disturbing rumors. She laughed at the various dreamers who, in pursuit of a sensation, “bury” her not for the first time.

The woman actually contracted the coronavirus and ended up in the hospital. But she did not lose heart and even continued work on a new book about Evlampia Romanova.

Daria Dontsova also boasted with her inherent optimism that she could already stand, and was also able to taste food again. With childish delight, I told the subscribers how delicious porridge and compote were in the hospital.

Today the 68-year-old writer is at home with her favorite pugs. Of course, the disease at such a solid age was difficult. The woman had to lie on IVs for 2 weeks. Fortunately, it looks like the hardest part is over. Although the huge circles under the eyes and the noticeable thinness of the writer are very noticeable.

However, Daria Dontsova assures that everything is already in order. She is working hard on her new masterpiece. The woman is sure that the disease was a difficult test, which gave her the opportunity to look at herself and her life in a new way.

“The disease shows a person his weakness: despondency, anger, envy of the healthy. A believer understands that these are all sins that need to be eradicated. Before the illness, you consider yourself a good person, and then once – and began to get angry. Means little kindness in you “, – the writer is sure.

Dontsova advised fans to believe in the best. She also shared the hope that soon she will be able to visit the temple. True, at first you will have to serve 2 weeks in quarantine, as expected.

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