How did lemon gain popularity around the world?

Many scientists have been looking for the answer to the question of where the lemon comes from. For a long time, their opinions on this matter differed. However, in the end it was scientifically established that native lemon from the Himalayas! It turns out that wild varieties of this plant first appeared in the state of Assam in the Indian Himalayas. Then over time, lemons came to Japan, where their price was extremely high.

Vietnam and Singapore can boast of the fact that lemons are among the main fruit crops in these parts. In many Asian countries, the lemon tree is considered a symbol of prosperity and prosperity.

Over time, lemon has conquered all the continents of our planet. In the 15th century, it was already grown on the lands of America. He ended up there thanks to Christopher Columbus, who personally planted lemon trees on the islands he discovered. Soon, lemons could be seen in Cuba, Florida and California. These citrus trees are very well suited to the subtropical climate.

Scientists have established an interesting fact about this popular sour fruit. They discovered that Chinese medicine has been using lemon medicinally for three thousand years! Ancient healers and healers recommended the use of sour citrus for people with pneumonia. And today the fetus is recognized in China as a medicine for many diseases. There he is called “li mung”, which means “healing.”

Lemon tea is a well-known traditional medicine. They knew about him back in the 9th century.

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Domestic medicine has also appreciated this healthy fruit for a long time. It is used to treat many diseases not only by traditional healers. Doctors also often recommend that patients supplement therapy with this most useful vitamin product.

Let’s use acidic citrus as an essential oil and as an aromatherapy agent.

The answer to the popularity of lemon is simple.

  • This aromatic sour fruit is rich in organic acids, mineral compounds, vitamins (B, C, A), carotene. Not only its pulp is useful, but also the peel, and even leaves with flowers, from which lemon essential oil is extracted.

This fruit is especially rich in vitamin C, which we need to strengthen the protective functions of the body. Moreover, ascorbic acid remains in lemons for a very long time, even when stored at elevated temperatures. This citrus also contains vitamin P, which helps to improve performance.

  • Scientists have also found that lemon juice is able to kill streptococci, pneumococci, Staphylococcus aureus and even diphtheria bacillus.

The combination of sour citrus with black tea is considered very successful. Due to the substances contained in the drink, lemon ascorbic acid is better absorbed by our body.

How did lemon gain popularity around the world?
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Drink more lemon tea during the cold season. This time-tested remedy, which has gained popularity in many countries, will help you better resist the viruses and colds that plague us in damp weather.

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