How did you explain the smell?

Thanks to a new method, Cherry has developed a portion of the mystery that passes over the smell.

By decrypting it Wavelengths Issued by something, we can deceive him the color. The logic that does not apply to à l ‘Smell. The chemical composition of the substance is not impermeable to deliver Two fires ni à notre I dont know. I have a study published in nature It includes new lighting on this mysterious meaning.

Researchers are developing specific methods of analysis at this time. To apply to SourisIt was said that, why Sensory neurons in a Nez Their family Molecules Smells ‘For the style of analysts’ From chromatography, these machines reveal chemical differences between molecules », explained Giuliano Iurelli, co-author of the study.

A copy of the artificial nez?

Information also collected by us Two fires Has been sent to I dont know. In the Shell Olfactory. According to researchers, this is the moment memory The return. Experiments trying to determine the odor for all guards are not available. In distinguishing or circulating sensors to similar chemical structures. The smell of lemon and orange blossom is distributed evenly, by the olfactory cortex, in the category of citrus.

« Experiments underwent phantom cortical neurons to interpret chemical information from the neck », the details Juliano Iurelli. This is a new connotation in the pocket. We can consider it concretely in building an artificial reservoir ». United nations Robot Who sent the rose.

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