How do cosmetologists take care of themselves?

Tatiana Al Sabunchi about scrubbing every day and avoiding products with hyaluronic acid

Cosmetologist Tatiana Al Sabunchi – about how her skin became normal and beautiful from sensitive and inflamed. Spoiler alert – thanks to Dr. Zane Obagi’s method.

Tatiana Al Sabunchi – Ph.D., dermatovenerologist and chief physician at the Tori Clinic. An expert in anti-age therapy and hardware cosmetology.

  • Leather: was sensitive, prone to fat and inflammatory elements, now it is normal.

I’m leaving Zein Obagi… I have been using it since 2011, and since then have not changed it even once. Then this cosmetics just appeared in Russia. Zane Obadzhi himself came to the launch then, I was impressed by his approach. Of course, when the founder talks, it’s inspiring. No one before him had suggested the idea that the skin should work on its own and should not be moisturized.

Since then, my skin has changed. She was sensitive, prone to oily and inflammatory elements. But it has become normal, it accepts retinol and acids well, the sensitivity is gone. This was facilitated by all the care in the complex, not any specific means. By the way, this is why the brand is not sold on the Internet – the preparations must be selected by a cosmetologist, then there will be an effect.

Even taking into account the fact that I have access to many other brands, I fundamentally do not interfere Zein Obagi with nothing else. For the body I can try something else, for the face – no. What for? To evaluate some other tool, you need to take a break in Obagi, after one test, nothing is clear. And then when I return to Obaji, the leather will have to be retrained again. But I do not want.

Dry, sensitive, oily skin is not the norm. If genetically the skin is oily, the pores are enlarged and there are inflammatory elements, with proper care they go away, the pores become inthe same. Of course, they will not disappear at all, but the skin will cease to shine so much, it will be more matte and dense.

I had sensitive skin because I dried it out with products that I used against inflammation. And now she is strong and healthy.


For the skin to work properly, it must be cleansed and renewed. In children, a complete renewal occurs in a month. In adulthood, the process slows down, stretches for 1.5 – 2 months, and ideally, everything should work as in childhood. Therefore, I have a lot of scrubs and acids.

In my care, four basic products are required, they also have not changed since 2011. Washing Zo Skin Health Offects Hydrating Cleanser – in the morning and in the evening. I don’t have makeup remover, because there is really nothing to wash off.

From makeup, I only have shadows and mascara. I don’t use foundation in principle – I like my skin, I see its beauty. No, of course, if suddenly a shooting and a local pimple jumped up, I will cover it. But I don’t use the tone all over my face even in photo sessions. I always argue about this with makeup artists who are trying to make up for me. I don’t retouch my photos and ask the photographers to give the source. And blush, highlighter, lipstick are ok, why not.

Tonic Calming Toner pH Balancer: cleansing is an alkali, and an acid tonic balances, neutralizes its effect, evens out the pH. If the product foams and lathers, then it is alkaline, after which a tonic is needed.

Exfoliating Pollish Scrub – polishing paste, consists of grains and exfoliates very delicately. Wash it off – the skin is smooth as glass. I use it daily, as Obagi advises. I do not urge everyone to do the same every day, because everything here depends on individual sensitivity. One time a week is enough for someone, three is not enough for someone. And it also depends on the effort with which to polish. I believe that it is better every day, gently and carefully, than once a week to the brain.

Besides cosmetics, I have a brush Foreo, I use it almost every day. It has short 2 mm silicone villi, does not injure the skin and is easy to rinse. Plus there is a pulsation – a light massage is obtained.

There are also long-bristled brushes, but I do not recommend them – they are poorly washed, dirt gets clogged in them, and the brush becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Creams and serums

Cream – daily Zo Skin Health Ossential Daily Power Defense with retinol, antioxidants and enzymes. It turns out that the means that I always have are washing, scrub, tonic and cream. This already has an effect. Sometimes I add eye cream, retinol, acids as needed, but not on a permanent basis.

Obaji’s position – the skin should work by itself, and strong hydration and nutrition – replacement therapy.

A huge number of people in the world use hyaluronic acid products every day, and nothing. But Obaji believes that because of this, the skin gets used to receiving moisture from the outside and stops producing hyaluronic acid on its own. (I have already told your site.) Therefore, I do not use such means (except fillers, but this is different). I do not agitate everyone to immediately switch to this system, but for myself I see evidence of its working capacity: for example, if I wash and forget to apply the cream, my face will not tighten and there will be no discomfort. My skin can work on its own.

After the scrub, I apply acid or retinol – I alternate depending on the needs. I will not talk in more detail – otherwise someone will not escape the temptation and begin to design their own care according to my example. And this does not work like that, Obadzhi’s preparations should be prescribed by a doctor, after examination.

Love Sunscreen Zo Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer Spf 30 it has a mousse texture with a slight tone, it gives a beautiful shade and mattes. I use it in the summer.


I have an individual feature – botox lasts only a month. So I inject another drug botulinum toxinXeomin… It lasts the same amount, but unlike the classic Botox, which can be injected only once every six months, Xeomin is allowed to be done once every three months. That is, the interval between procedures is shorter here.

Every two months I do supportive biorevitalization… Cosmetics still work at a superficial level, biorevitalization – deeper.

Ulthera for the oval – once a year, photorejuvenation on the device BBL 4 times a year – as prescribed by the protocol.

I do the procedures myself – both injections and BBL. It is not difficult, many cosmetologists do everything themselves. If my colleagues at the clinic have time, I go to them. I trust all the doctors who work for us without any problems.


Love lavender shower gel Lush… You go into the store to see them – it’s impossible to breathe. But this is all because of their bombs, and I like the gel without a strong perfume. I also love their own body cream “Dream Crimea“- it has a pleasant dense texture, but absorbs quickly, leaves no stickiness or grease.

A u Linda Kristel there is an amazing cream for the neck and décolleté area. It is also dense, but just as well absorbed, clothes does not stain and softens the skin well.

Have you found the stories from our beauty experts about their care helpful? (If you missed it, this is what Alexandra Gont and Elena Selivanova use.) What did you remember, surprised and liked the most?



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