How do I know if my nail polish is expired or still good?

You have all the colors and you love to collect them, these famous nail polish ! But, how do you know if they are still usable after a long time at the bottom of the drawer? To find out, we must of course be interested in product expiration date (usually 2 years) to find out how long keep your beauty products, but not only. It is also necessary to be attentive to the texture and at Color change nail polish: additional details that reveal whether your product is damaged or not.

My nail polish is thicker and takes time to dry: is it expired?

Sometimes it happens that the expiration date of a nail polish has not been exceeded, but that it is unusable. Quite strange, isn’t it? This phenomenon occurs especially when the nail polish has not been kept in the right place. Of chemical changes (after the liquid has come into contact with air) can also be the cause of this phenomenon. So pay attention to the texture of your make-up product (often thicker when it has expired) and its drying time.
A expired varnish takes much longer to dry and the end result is rarely harmonious. In addition, wearing expired nail polish could set you off skin allergies. To avoid these small inconveniences, do not hesitate to carry out a frequent sorting in your varnish drawer, and to keep the good ones in a cool and dry place in order to preserve them as long as possible!

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