How does a visit to the sophrologist take place?

What is sophrology used for?

Sophrology is a method which tends to harmonize the body and the mind through relaxation but also by working on breathing. This natural and gentle technique aims to mobilize the intrinsic capacities of an individual, such as self-confidence or appeasement, in order to help him find a form of balance and serenity. Thus, sophrology makes it possible to apprehend reality objectively and to adapt to it. To do this, it helps individuals listen and better understand the impact that their emotions and sensations can have on their body.

In which cases to consult a sophrologist?

The indications for sophrology are many and varied, but this technique is particularly recommended for:

  • manage stress and the problems it can cause: depression, irritability, anxiety disorder …;
  • prepare for childbirth;
  • increase their self-confidence to face a crucial stage in their life;
  • overcome a difficult ordeal: divorce, bereavement, illness…;
  • solve certain sleep disorders: insomnia, sleepwalking …

It is important to note that sophrology does not replace medical follow-up or treatment, but it turns out to be an excellent complement to many therapies.

The preliminary interview

As a general rule, the first session consists of an individual interview between the sophrologist and his client. On this occasion, the practitioner carries out an in-depth questioning in order to clearly define the expectations of the person who comes to consult him. We are talking about an anamnesis. This step is essential, because it allows the professional to define the different problems that he will have to deal with and, consequently, to determine the most suitable approach to achieve them. Once this assessment has been carried out, the sophrologist generally suggests that the sophronized perform some relaxation exercises aimed at releasing his tensions and reconnecting him with his body. The first session is above all an opportunity for a first approach to this method and the creation of a link between the practitioner and his client.

How does a relaxation therapy session take place?

Sophrology can be practiced individually or in a group but, in all cases, this method must be practiced by a professional who has followed a diploma course. All sessions begin with a small interview which allows the sophrologist to determine the mental and physical state of his client and to adapt his exercises according to his responses. Then, the practitioner invites his or her sophronized (s) to settle down to begin the dynamic relaxation exercises. These are essentially based on breathing work, the objective of which is to gradually release body tensions. This phase lasts about twenty minutes. It is followed by a phase of static relaxation during which the sophronized closes his eyes and lets himself be guided by the voice of the sophrologist who takes him to a state of consciousness halfway between waking and sleeping. When he reaches the phase of deep relaxation, the sophrologist distills his sophronized positive images that will multiply the benefits of the relaxation. Finally, the session ends as it began, that is to say with a small interview which allows the sophronized to express his feelings. It is also at this time that the practitioner gives his instructions so that his client can repeat this training at home, because daily training is recommended.

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