How does black radish help fight viruses?

Yes, it is not so common in modern cuisine. But if used correctly, this vegetable can provide tremendous immune support. Add to this the modest price of this root vegetable – and the radish can be an excellent budget aid in the fight against viruses.

There is even a scientific study on the basis of which it can be believed that black radish juice is more effective than penicillin! And although there is a saying “worse than a bitter radish”, this vegetable can be very tasty in salads, pilaf and even as a filling for dumplings.

What is so useful in one hundred grams of radish?

  • Firstly, it has a significant content of vitamin C and B9.
  • Secondly, potassium, calcium, sodium, selenium, zinc, copper, phosphorus and manganese.
  • Third, folic and pantothenic acids.
  • And even a tail of a radish can be beneficial – it is a champion in the content of sulfurous essential oils that improve the state of the immune system.

With juice and extracts from this vegetable, pulmonary and intestinal diseases, joint pains, and diseases of the genitourinary system are successfully treated. Tortured by prostatitis, cystitis, cough – in all these cases, radish will come to the rescue.

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John Stoughton, writer, editor, publisher and photographer with degrees in English and Integrative Biology from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (USA), studied the beneficial properties of this root vegetable for several months and concluded that radish:

  • helps with skin diseases and hyperpigmentation;
  • increases glutathione levels, thereby supporting the liver;
  • improves thyroid health;
  • reduces the risk of developing cancer due to the anthocyanins it contains;
  • lowers cholesterol levels.

And how many natural antibiotics are in it! Moreover, it is not at all necessary for the effect to eat it in kilograms – only three tablespoons of radish juice a day will already have a healing effect.

  • But you should know that do not take radish juice on an empty stomach, with ulcers and nephritis, with allergies to this root vegetable, as well as increased sensitivity and fragility of tooth enamel.

And here is the recipe for the simplest and most useful radish salad: take equal parts radish, carrots and apples, grate, add a little raisins, season with honey, apple cider vinegar or sunflower oil – odorless so as not to interrupt the delicate aroma of the root vegetable.

How does black radish help fight viruses?
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Radish is also delicious in combination with beets and sour cream. Its spicy, tangy taste goes well with meat (as in the famous Tashkent salad). It is good both in pickled and baked form, although during heat treatment it loses some of the beneficial trace elements.

Experts say that the best black radish is medium-sized, up to ten centimeters in diameter. It must be resilient, free from damage and mold.

This is a low-calorie product: 100 grams of a vegetable contains only 36 calories.

Eat black radish and be healthy!



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