How fashionistas wear the sexiest jumpsuit of the season

Have you already got used to light knitwear on your naked body? It’s time to take new heights of sexy, especially since you have a little more than a month left for such experiments. On the expanses of Instagram, we found the sexiest jumpsuit of the season, which is already crazy about Dua Lipa, Elsa Hosk, Shanina Shayk and other girls for whom looking sexy is as natural as breathing. Los Angeles-based designers Aya Muse are to thank for the creation of the fashionable novelty.

The brand was founded in 2018. “Aya Muse is constantly improving as a company, the team is constantly looking for new ways for sustainable production. We use environmentally friendly recycled materials in our work, ”says one of the founders of the brand, Tina Rodiu. Not only does the brand strive to keep up with the times and not forget about the environment, but also almost every piece of Aya Muse is very popular with celebrity fashionistas.

Most often, a tight jumpsuit made of thin knitwear becomes a companion for bloggers on hot travels. Some girls use it as comfortable home clothes, and the most daring go out into the city in it. We do not know which of these options will be to your liking, but we can say for sure – the Aiva jumpsuit will become the star of your instagram. We’ve picked out the coolest photos that will inspire you to spend $ 275 on it.


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