How important is the presence of antibodies to coronavirus

There has been a lot of talk lately that the presence of antibodies to coronavirus not forever. Moreover, there have already been recorded cases when the same person fell ill several times. What to hope for and where to look for protection from the disease that shook the whole world?


Scientists speculate that there is another form of immunity that is independent of antibodies. The main role here is played by T cells, or T lymphocytes… What it is and why people talk about it more and more often, we will tell you below.

The presence of antibodies to coronavirus

T-lymphocytes are immune cells… Their goal is to identify and get rid of pathogens that infect the cell. In addition, they can destroy already infected cells. How it works? There are proteins on the surface of T cells, they bind with foreign proteins, destroying them.

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The most important feature of T cells is their durability. After illness, they can be in the body for several years. Since T lymphocytes increase long-term memory of the immune system, it is easier for the body to respond to the old pathogen.

So far, scientists are researching this issue and speculating. First, it turned out that a person may not have antibodies to coronavirus. But at the same time, he has T cells that recognize Covid-19.


Second, experiments have shown that some people have was immune even before the pandemic began… To do this, scientists examined blood samples collected several years ago. Also, T cells can be in those people who, in principle, have not come into contact with the virus.

Formation of immunity

To understand how important T cells are, let’s mention a completely different disease. Everyone knows what acquired immune deficiency syndrome is. As it progresses, the disease destroys most of the T cells. Without the right treatment, it can be fatal.


How is immunity formed? If the immune response is normal, the innate immune system reacts first to a virus (such as influenza). It provokes antibody production a few weeks later. But in parallel with this process, literally on the 4th-5th day, T-lymphocytes begin to appear. They are already working to destroy the infected cells.

T cells and coronavirus

Since T cells respond to coronavirus, this could be used to create a vaccine. Researchers at Oxford University are working on this, and their vaccine has already shown that in addition to antibodies, T cells will also be produced. Moreover, the vaccine is already being tested.

The challenge now is to understand exactly how the coronavirus affects T cells. The sooner this happens, the more efficiently a vaccine can be developed.

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But, unfortunately, things are not so rosy with T-lymphocytes. For example, in seriously ill patients, most of them may simply die. In addition, the production of T cells decreases over the years. This is one of the reasons why older people do not cope with the disease.

The presence of antibodies to coronavirus – this is, of course, good. But, unfortunately, this is not a panacea for everything. Watch your health, strengthen your immune system. This is especially true in the cold season. In addition, no one has canceled personal protective equipment and social distance. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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