How interesting is it to cook rice for a side dish?

To make the rice crumbly, you can fry it before boiling it. Pour oil into a saucepan, you can sunflower oil, and you can also olive oil. Add rice and fry until golden brown, stirring occasionally. Then the rice is cooked as usual. For taste, add turmeric, allspice, paprika and other spices as desired.

Important: if you add cumin, then it is better to sprinkle it on an already prepared dish. Otherwise, the rice will taste bitter.

But what if we add pasta to the rice, but not simple, but fried? All you need is a handful of small vermicelli. It is dry, uncooked, you just need to fry for several minutes in a pan until golden reddish, and then add to the already boiled rice. It turns out both interesting and tasty. Rice with fried noodles is a traditional oriental dish.

How interesting is it to cook rice for a side dish?
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Rice with nuts and green peas is also popular in the Middle East. This dish is not eaten so often, since nuts are not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, rice with nuts is associated with the festive table. For cooking rice “for the holiday” you need walnuts, as well as almonds, already peeled.

Important: if you take unpeeled almonds, the nuts will burn, so it will not be so tasty.

The nuts are fried in a skillet without oil for a few minutes, until tender. Then canned green peas are added. Sprinkle with the resulting frying the already pre-boiled (with the addition of olive oil and spices) rice. It is good to serve chicken with such a rice dish.

How interesting is it to cook rice for a side dish?
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There is also a more dietary option. What if instead of nuts, you add spinach chopped in a blender? Green peas and spinach add brightness and color to a simple rice side dish.

Another way to add variety to your garnish with one ingredient is to add diced pumpkin to the rice. Garlic and turmeric can also be added.

Mexican curry rice can be made by adding corn, chopped bell peppers and, if desired, tomatoes to the boiled cereals. It turns out very tasty if curry is added as the main seasoning.

Another simple curry recipe is coconut milk and the curry itself at the rate of one bag of seasoning for one standard can of coconut milk. The rice is sweet. For a change, you can also put fried onions or champignons.

Many people love pies with onions and eggs, but you can make rice look like a filling for pies. To do this, put finely chopped green onions (amount to taste) in rice ten minutes before it is ready, and then break the egg. Mix well.

How interesting is it to cook rice for a side dish?
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So, if you have imagination, even such a simple and uncomplicated side dish like rice can be turned into a work of art and a full-fledged vegetarian dish. Try to diversify your diet!



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