How is an appointment with the acupuncturist?

Why consult an acupuncturist?
Acupuncture is one of the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on a holistic approach, that is to say global, of the individual. It therefore makes it possible to treat imbalances as diverse as arthritis, asthma, chronic constipation, seasonal allergies, stress, anxiety, lack of concentration, migraines … It also helps relieve occasional ailments, like bronchitis, colds, nausea … It also acts in prevention.

Can we consult an acupuncturist directly?
You can consult an acupuncturist either directly or as part of the coordinated care pathway (on the advice of your general practitioner). In the first case, you will be less well reimbursed by Social Security. Note that in France, the title of acupuncturist is reserved for doctors who have obtained a specific diploma. But many other people practice this method without having the right to use the title (eg “Chinese medicine practitioners”). Be sure to educate yourself because these people can have very different backgrounds.

How long is the wait for an acupuncturist appointment?
It all depends on its notoriety! Some are in high demand and you can wait several days or even weeks before landing a precious meeting.

How does the first date go?
The first appointment with an acupuncturist is generally quite long: allow about 1 hour. This is indeed the opportunity to take a full assessment of your general health. The acupuncturist asks you what prompts you to consult him and asks you a series of questions to clarify the problem. He may also ask you about your personal or family history. To complete the clinical examination, the acupuncturist may also perform certain palpations (pulse), an examination of the tongue, eyes, etc. The objective is to establish a complete energy balance, in order to more precisely determine the imbalances. The acupuncturist then establishes a personalized program: number of sessions to be scheduled, duration, frequency … Then comes the acupuncture session itself. You lie down fully dressed on the examination table, and the specialist places needles on particular points, depending on the disorders to be treated. These needles need to stay in place for a while, and then they are removed by the acupuncturist. This specialist can also use other tools, for example moxas (sticks of herbs heated then placed near the skin for a few seconds or minutes), suction cups, electrostimulation …

What should I plan for a first date?
Traditional Chinese medicine is very different from conventional medicine. It is based on traditional examinations (blood tests, radios, etc.). No need to burden yourself with paperwork. The questions that the acupuncturist will ask you will be sufficient to enable him to establish a balance sheet.

What are the prices charged by the acupuncturist?
The prices of the sessions vary greatly from one practitioner to another. Count between 35/40 € and 75/80 €, or even much more if the acupuncturist is in high demand. Note that acupuncture care is reimbursed by Social Security only if it is carried out by an approved doctor. In this case, the reimbursement is 70% on the basis of a consultation with a general practitioner (23 €). Some mutuals also offer reimbursement for alternative medicine as part of specific packages: find out more!

Where to go to find an acupuncturist?
In the majority of cases, acupuncturists benefit from word of mouth: do not hesitate to ask your entourage. Also talk to your general practitioner: some are “open” to this alternative medicine and can refer you to a trained and qualified physician colleague.” target=”_blank”>

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