How is an appointment with the homeopath?

Why consult a homeopath?
In France, homeopathy is a therapy reserved for the medical professions: doctors, dentists, midwives, physiotherapists, veterinarians… For this, they follow specific training integrated into their course of study. Homeopaths “alone”, whose training is much more vague, can themselves be prosecuted for illegal practice of medicine.
The homeopathic doctor can be consulted in the same way as a traditional general practitioner, to treat very diverse disorders whether they are chronic or occasional: colds, flu, constipation, bedwetting in children, various pains, fever, stress, etc. insomnia… The consultation can also be done in prevention. But the method and the treatments are very different from the so-called allopathic medicine. Homeopathy is an officially recognized alternative medicine which consists in treating the symptoms with homeopathic “medicines”. These are made from active ingredients of mineral, animal or plant origin in very low concentrations. The rationale behind this method is that any substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can cure a sick person if given in an infinitesimal dose (this is the principle of similars). A way, in a way, to cure evil with evil.

Can we consult a homeopath directly and what are the prices?
It is quite possible to consult a homeopathic doctor directly. But be aware that, if you do it as part of the coordinated care pathway (after consulting your declared attending physician), you will be better reimbursed by Health Insurance. If you consult a homeopathic doctor approved as part of the coordinated care pathway, the coverage rate is 70% on a consultation basis at € 23. In the event of excess fees, your mutual insurance company may cover the supplement: find out more. Note also that Health Insurance allows you to choose a homeopathic doctor as your referring doctor. Also note that homeopathic medicines prescribed by a homeopathic doctor are reimbursed up to 30% by Social Security. The supplement can be covered by your mutual insurance company.

How is a first appointment with the homeopath?
The first consultation with a homeopathic doctor is often quite long (allow an average of 30 to 45 minutes), because it is the opportunity to establish a complete assessment. Unlike conventional medicine, in fact, homeopathy treats the patient as a whole, and not just their symptoms or illness. The homeopathic doctor measures and weighs the patient, questions him about his personal and family history, his lifestyle, his psychological state … He asks a great many questions which do not always have to do with the reason for the visit in order to ” have a global vision of the individual. They may also do a physical exam, and take a closer look at the person’s skin, tongue, and nails, which are signs of possible problems. At the end of this assessment, he establishes a personalized homeopathic treatment, with one or more drugs. It also specifies the frequency of intake, the duration of treatment, etc. If necessary, he then schedules another consultation.

Where to go to find a homeopath?
To find a homeopathic doctor, you can seek advice from your general practitioner or pharmacist. Also remember to ask those around you. Otherwise, consult the SNMHF (National Union of French Homeopathic Doctors) website, which has an online directory. You can easily find a homeopath near you.” target=”_blank”>

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