How is milk thistle useful for women?

In addition to silymarin, milk thistle seeds contain minerals, fatty acids and vitamins – the Munich Institute of Pharmacy has counted more than 200 of them. This composition makes Maryin thistle (the second name of the plant) useful for all body systems, including the female.

We asked the herbalists of the Altayvita company about the benefits of milk thistle seeds for women, which specializes in the preparation of Altai herbs and the preparation of medicinal preparations.

Taking hormonal drugs and contraceptives loads the liver no less than fatty foods and alcohol, because it is she who has to remove hormones and their decay products from the body. Milk thistle seeds help neutralize the harmful effects of hormone metabolites and reduce the burden on the liver.

Milk thistle is also useful for the prevention of osteoporosis, which, according to RAOP, affects every second (!) Woman during menopause. This is due to a sharp drop in estrogen levels. The disease is dangerous because it develops almost asymptomatically, but there are still “bells”: back pain, stoop development, brittle nails and hair. The systematic intake of milk thistle stimulates bone mineralization and reduces the risk of bone loss, which makes the product indispensable for women 50+.

By preventing premature aging of the brain and ridding its cells of free radicals, milk thistle seeds help to get rid of debilitating conditions such as headaches, migraines and dizziness. Age-related changes in the female body lead to a decrease in brain activity, the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Aging provokes the appearance of amyloid plaques – sticky protein formations that disrupt neuronal connections. By neutralizing oxidative processes, silymarin in milk thistle protects brain cells, helps to maintain a sobriety of mind and good memory for a long time.

The antioxidant action of silymarin protects the skin from acne and acne breakouts. Acne itself does not pose a threat to the body, but it spoils the appearance, negatively affects self-esteem and mood. Milk thistle neutralizes “oxidative stress” and eliminates inflammation.

To restore health and beauty to the skin, it is enough to take the crushed seeds of the plant inside, and lubricate the damaged areas with milk thistle oil in the morning and evening. By acting directly on the skin, the oil quickly and effectively relieves inflammation and redness. You need to apply it on clean skin, without mixing with other cosmetics.

The composition of milk thistle seeds is responsible for its benefits in the fight against obesity. In addition to overeating, there are other reasons for excess weight: hormonal disorders, accumulation of toxins and toxins, poor functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. By cleansing the liver, milk thistle helps it metabolize fats faster and prevents them from accumulating in the body. Having a positive effect on the endocrine system, milk thistle seeds normalize hormones and metabolism, they also have a mild laxative effect and eliminate constipation.

As you can see, milk thistle is useful not only for cirrhosis and hepatitis. It helps preserve women’s health and beauty, reduce the risk of developing age-related diseases and improve the quality of life in general.

When choosing seeds, pay attention to their appearance: they must be large, dry, clean, free of impurities. An equally important factor, as noted by Altayvit experts, is the place where milk thistle grows. Grown in natural conditions in an ecologically clean area, without the use of chemicals and exposure to harmful factors, the plant contains a higher concentration of active substances, and, accordingly, its benefits for the body increase.

Like any herbal remedy, you need to take milk thistle in courses. Only a systematic reception can guarantee a lasting positive result.

Not a cure!

Consult your doctor before use!

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