How Italian women dress in winter – fashion ideas from Instagram

Italians love to look bright and spectacular – if a short skirt, then made of leather, if a dress, then be sure to shine. But when it comes to outerwear, fashionistas here prefer something calmer and more versatile. For example, in the winter wardrobe of the main Italian beauty Chiara Ferragni, several fur coats of a neutral color appear at once. She wears them with a white Chanel or Prada bag in beige nylon.

Eleanor Karizi also prefers a basic color scheme in the cold season. An Italian woman dresses from head to toe in white or bets on black. At the same time, the fashionista turns out to do it not boring. For example, she expertly tucks ecru jeans into her gathered boots. Giovanna Battaglia-Engelbert, on the other hand, does not refuse bright colors in winter. In her fashionable arsenal – a motley red coat and a jacket in a scarlet cage, which she complements with mask glasses. What Italians are fashionable in winter, see our selection. Girls will teach you how to wear fur coats, sheepskin coats, white jeans and other most fashionable things of the season.

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