How Jane Birkin celebrates the winter holidays

When it comes to New Year’s traditions, Jane Birkin has a whole list of them. This year, the fashion icon and muse will be celebrating in London at the Standart Hotel with a special music program. Jane Birkin is going to celebrate the New Year in a good old Saint Laurent tuxedo, a vintage Agnès B shirt and tennis sneakers. “Clothes as if from a man’s shoulder add fragility to me. If I wear makeup and a dress, I will look 100 years old with a plump figure to boot. “

Jane Birkin and Serge Gensburg, 1970

And if Birkin celebrates the New Year with fans of her work, then Christmas – with his family – with daughters Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doyon. “Socks with gifts, the scent of tangerines, magic, excitement … now it’s all gone, my girls have grown,” Birkin shares. “Now I am simply glad that I spend this holiday with them. I can’t even imagine a lonely Christmas, it would be very sad. “

Lou Duayon, Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gensburg, 1999

According to Jane, the secret to the holiday mood lies in the right menu. “Oysters, hot buns and champagne are a must,” Birkin concludes. And, of course, in gifts. Jane thinks the best present is garden trees and balcony plants. When asked what gift she remembered the most, Jane replied without further hesitation: “Noodle necklaces and Santa Claus made from a yogurt jar.” Charlotte and Lou were obviously very fond of needlework as children.

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