How much do the French spend on their marriage?

Budget, honeymoon, number of guests, sources of inspiration … What are the trends for 2018? Each year, Zankyou deciphers the behavior of today’s French bride and groom.

“Love is priceless”, to believe the famous adage? Not quite, according to the ZIWO (Zankyou International Wedding Observations) study carried out in 2018 by Zankyou, the interactive wedding organization platform. Between the honeymoon, the purchase of the dress, the rental of the place and the caterer … How much do the French spend to celebrate the happiest day of their life? Where do they find inspiration for the choice of their decoration or their invitations? Verdict.

An overall budget on the rise. If the budget varies enormously from one wedding to another, more than a quarter (22.8%) of those surveyed admit to being ready to spend more than 30,000 euros for their wedding. To finance it, 45% rely on family support and only one in ten couples uses a bank loan. Regarding the number of guests, a third of the couples surveyed indicate that they invite between 100 and 150 guests, while a third of them prefer a slightly more intimate reception, with less than 100 people. Very large marriages with more than 300 people are relatively rare and concern only 3.6% of couples.

The wedding dress and the costume. Where to find the perfect outfit? For 65% of couples, it is on the Internet that they do their research. On the price side, a quarter of them invest more than 2,000 euros for their dress or costume. Finally, second-hand clothes are not popular: indeed, only one in ten people opt for an outfit already worn.

Pinterest, the temple of inspiration. It’s not easy to find the theme, the decor and the style of the dress of your dreams! 80% of respondents search for their ideas on Pinterest, while 37% browse on Instagram. If a small half of couples admit to being inspired by blogs and trendy influencers in the sector lifestyle and marriage, a large majority (70%) consult specialized marriage sites. It is also an opportunity to unearth contacts from service providers, tips on the wedding list or ideas for the design of their invitations.

The honeymoon, still popular. Nine out of ten couples go on their honeymoon, just after their wedding or in the year following the ceremony. On the podium of favorite destinations, we find Europe (26%), Africa (23.5%) and America (18%). In addition, “adventure” trips off the beaten track attract more and more lovebirds. On the budget side, the French are a quarter to spend more than 8,000 euros for their honeymoon, and a quarter to spend between 5,000 and 8,000 euros.

© ZIWO 2018
© ZIWO 2018

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