How often do you need to ventilate the room during an epidemic?

How often do you need to ventilate the room and why is this issue becoming especially relevant now? In his video blog, Dr. Komarovsky answered questions from readers and shared the most important news on the prevention of coronavirus.

How often do you need to ventilate

Top two news about coronavirus infection

As of November 2020, Evgeny Olegovich highlighted two news. First: the contact method of transmission of coronavirus infection was not as common as it was thought back in February-March.

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Yes, fragments of the virus are found on various objects even after a long time. But the probability of causing the disease in them is very, very small. The main method of infection is still airborne.

And here we turn to the second news, which significantly complicates the control over the spread of the epidemic. As it turned out, carriers of the disease are most infectious two days before the onset of symptoms (which is why it is so important to wear protective masks).

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It turns out that the main distributors of coronavirus are outwardly healthy people. After the first symptoms appear, the number of exhaled viruses is sharply reduced. And after another 5-6 days the person is practically not contagious.

What determines whether a person gets sick or not

According to Komarovsky, there are three factors here. The virus itself. A person susceptible to the virus. And the situation in which the man and the virus met. What is meant?

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In order for a person to get sick with COVID-19, a certain amount of viruses must get on the mucous membranes of his respiratory tract. If it gets less – there will be no illness, if more gets in – the illness will proceed in a more severe form. This, in particular, explains how severely and for a long time physicians are ill.

In other words, a viral infection is not a two-position switch with values ​​for “healthy” and “sick”. The probability of infection, the course and severity of the disease directly depend on the amount of viral particles that have entered our body.

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Experiments on animals confirm this point of view. The most severe condition occurs in those who have been injected with the most of the virus. Therefore, in order not to get sick or get sick in a mild form, the number of viral particles that enter the body should be as small as possible. How can this be achieved? Let’s figure it out!

Prevention of coronavirus

Every time we breathe or speak, small drops fly out of our nasopharynx into the air at a distance of up to 1.5 meters. In the case of an infected person, they contain viruses. For infection, one person must exhale these drops, and the other must inhale.

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If it happens outdoors, small particles are quickly dispersed in a large volume of air. And the ideal situation for the virus would be when there are a lot of people, there is little air and the access of air from outside is weak.

It is now easy to simulate locations where a high concentration of virus can be encountered. These are transport, hospital wards with poor ventilation, churches, barracks, concert halls. Wherever many people are close to each other and there is no proper air exchange.

Air humidity also matters. The higher it is, the faster small particles of moisture settle to the ground. In dry air, active viruses are stored for as long as possible. In light of all of the above, what should we pay attention to?

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With the beginning of the heating season, we hid in apartments behind tightly closed plastic windows. At the same time, hot batteries dry the air around the clock. And this is exactly what is required for the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

In short, you need to ventilate the premises as often as possible and in all ways increase the air humidity in them. It does not hurt to check the ventilation.

Well, we are not talking about the fact that masks should be worn not only in public transport, but also wherever physical distance can be difficult. This should be clear to everyone today.

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