How plus-size girls look slimmer without dieting

While models with curvy shapes are storming the catwalks of fashion houses, and couturiers helpfully offer trendy outfits for them, Anna lives somewhere in a parallel present – the owner of plus-size, far from the fashion industry.

More than anything, Anya wants to learn to love herself, look great in her delicate size and stop suffering from culinary restrictions. She wants to show off in front of the mirror, take pictures more often, proudly bring her mouth-watering forms into the world. But she does not know the secrets of how you can make your figure slimmer with the help of clothes, and only fatigue in the eyes from diets.

How to look slimmer

Anna recently accepted an offer to change jobs and decided that a new place needs a new wardrobe to be spectacular and beautiful! But how to pick it up?

I, as a stylist, will help to understand this important issue. I will tell you what clothes curvy girls need to choose and how to combine them with shoes and accessories so as to make the figure slim, and the image of lightness and playfulness.

Anna has already read this article and went shopping. At the end we will find out what she chose. In the meantime, I propose to study all the secrets of choosing the right clothes.

How to visually become slimmer

How to visually stretch any area

  • Monochrome looks do it perfectly. But don’t dress yourself up in total black. Choose shades and play with the temperature of any color that suits you.
  • Use vertical details: V-necklines, extra-long collars, stripes / stripes on trousers.
  • Choose pants to the floor, preferably with arrows. To the floor, it is meant that only the toes of the shoe are visible from under the trousers.
  • The high waistline will visually add a few centimeters to the height.
  • Choose jeans without stretch, not tight, with the right length. Take a closer look at the mom-fit model – fits most shapes.
  • It is preferable to wear heels, even if they are small.
  • To slim down a specific part of the body, for example, only the arms or only the waist, choose clothes in cold dark shades with a matte texture for this part. It will absorb light and visually reduce size.

How plus-size girls look slimmer without dieting

Stylish tips for slimness

  • If you are a modest girl with wonderful big breasts, take a closer look at blouses and wrap dresses – they successfully adjust your figure.
  • To narrow the hips, choose a wrap skirt, pleated skirt and trousers with pintucks.
  • If your figure has a large bottom and a miniature top, laconic trousers, skirts and active decor on top – flounces, ruffles, appliques – will help to balance the proportion.
  • If on the contrary, then take the top in darker and colder matte shades, and the bottom – a skirt or trousers with an accent, for example, with a print.
  • With large wrists and ankles, you should not choose narrow straps and hairpins. Massive bracelets, rings, wide straps, and a stable heel are perfect here.
  • It is better to open slender wrists: with a sleeve ¾ or tuck a blouse, this will add lightness and airiness.
  • For slender ankles, add stiletto heels and a thin strap to the bow for an elegant and lightweight look.
  • The length of skirts, trousers, dresses and jeans should end at the narrowest part of the leg, and the height of boots and ankle boots should also end there.

How to look slimmer plus size
Photos by @stylemecurvy

How to look slimmer plus size
How to look slimmer plus size

What plus-size girls don’t wear

  • Horizontal lines. Especially wide horizontal strip anywhere. She will treacherously enlarge this part of the figure.
  • Don’t mix contrasting colors like white top and black bottom. The horizontal line between these colors will visually make the waist wider.
  • Light warm shades – they, like oil, spread throughout the silhouette, erasing its boundaries.
  • Glossy texture – transfusions, lurex. Sequins can be worn, but then the outerwear should be laconic – a single-colored jacket without unnecessary details or an unbuttoned jacket.
  • Short skinny jackets are not our option.
  • A tulip skirt will increase the hips.
  • A skirt with pleats on the belly is suspicious. You can, if you like, but be careful with her.

Choosing shoes

Perfect shoes to match your skin tone.
In the demi and winter periods, choose shoes to match tights.
These techniques visually stretch the legs and make the figure slimmer.

General tips for the image

  • Choose accessories and handbags of medium and large sizes. It is better to prefer a round handbag a trapezoidal, oval, rectangular, preferably rigid shape.
  • This point is very important, perhaps even the most important: buy things of your size. It’s a paradox, but a thing one size smaller makes a curvy girl even more magnificent. But in things correctly selected in size, texture and style, you will become slimmer, neater, more airy.
  • Baggy dimensionless things or, conversely, adjacent ones spoil the whole image. Better to stay away from them.
  • Choose fabrics of medium weight, avoid thin, lightweight and heavy dense. For example, a sweater or chunky knit dress is best left in the store’s showroom. Flying airy dresses too.

Stylish plus-size looks
Photos from @girlwithcurves

Stylish plus-size looks
Stylish plus-size looks

Parting words

Remember, our dear girls, that you are beautiful in any shape! Love yourself for who you are! Maybe the next time you think about a grueling diet, you will give it up, remember this article and head to the store for the right things. And even better – arm in arm with a stylist.
I sincerely wish you this!

As you remember, our heroine has already gone to the shops. For her size 52 with an outstanding bust, she picked up two bows:

  1. An emerald pleated skirt, a ripe kiwi wrap shirt, bronze-colored shoes and a trapeze bag in a similar shade.
  2. Beige monochrome: linen suit, trench coat unbuttoned and loafers.

Anna came to her new workplace with a sense of absolute confidence in herself and in her stunning image! Now she occasionally spies on the glossy donuts, mentally picking up her next outfits.

And in the photo you can compare how well the girls chose their sets.

Author: stylist-image maker Natalia Klimova (@pro_style_nk)

Beautiful plus-size looks
Beautiful plus-size looks

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