How realistic is it to lighten hair without spoiling it

The decision to go blonde should not be made overnight. Long time and preparation is essential for safe lightening. What can I do to prevent bleaching powder from ruining my hair?

Choose lightening instead of discoloration

Lightening and bleaching are two different procedures. The first is more gentle on the hair; a special paint is used for it. It gently brightens natural pigment and adds artificial one. This method is ideal for light brown hair and brown-haired women. With paint, you can achieve a shade that is 3 or 5 tones lighter. But for brunettes, this type of lightening is not suitable.

How realistic is it to lighten hair without spoiling it

Prepare hair

The transition to blond, regardless of the method of lightening, must have a thorough preparatory stage. At least a month before the procedure, you must switch to gentle and intensive care. Girls who love styling with a hair dryer and irons should refuse any thermal effects. You should ask your hairdresser to find a restorative and preparatory hair care.

Bleaching makes the hair porous and brittle, so it is very important that it is nourished and elastic before the procedure, then the effects of chemicals will not be so destructive. Twice a week, you need to do nourishing and regenerating hair masks, use oils and special fluids for the ends.

How realistic is it to lighten hair without spoiling it

Get rid of split ends

First of all, split ends of the hair suffer from lightening, which will still begin to crumble after dyeing. To prevent breakage, it is necessary to sign up for a length polishing. The master will remove all split ends and nourish the hair with special strengthening compounds.

How realistic is it to lighten hair without spoiling it

Choose the right product

Coloring agents vary in strength. It is a big mistake to buy a 12% oxidizer for light blond hair, as they need a lower percentage. The lighter the hair, the more gentle it needs. For light blond, the maximum percentage of oxidant cannot exceed 6%.

Buy protective equipment

With direct bleaching, it is important to provide the hair with maximum protection from chemical compounds. For this purpose, HEC ampoules (chromoenergy complex) are bought in professional cosmetics stores. It envelops the hair with a protective film and prevents the lightening agents from destroying their structure. As a result, after dyeing, the length does not look like matted straw.

How realistic is it to lighten hair without spoiling it

Postpone toning

If lightening was the first step to go to blond, then you should not immediately do toning. It is necessary to give your hair a rest for at least a week, make a couple of masks and do their active restoration, and only then dye them again.


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