How Scandinavian women of fashion dress in winter – examples from Instagram

In the Scandinavian countries, the weather in winter is about the same as ours. Therefore, local fashionistas have to warm themselves no less than ours. Pernil Teisbeck, Linda Tol, Sophia Rowe and other Scandinavian street style stars may well call themselves virtuosos in terms of winter wardrobe. They skillfully mix fur coats with coarse Bottega Veneta boots, long shirts with plush coats and know a dozen ways to fashionably beat any black outfit, for example, adding a miniature Louis Vuitton bag or Dior rain boots.

In general, Scandinavian fashionistas can be divided into two types – those who adore monochrome, neutral colors and aesthetics of minimalism, and those who constantly experiment with bright colors. If you want to add a little holiday and marshmallow to your winter wardrobe, study the examples of Emily Syndlev and Jeanette Madsen, and if you decide to breathe new life into office sets – be inspired by Linda Tol and Sophia Rowe. We have collected for you the coolest images of Scandinavian fashionistas for the winter.

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