How skinny trousers with slits have contrived to remain relevant

The trend for trousers with slits was set by Phoebe Fileo: at the Céline fall-winter 2016 show, models took to the catwalk in dresses and tops with trousers and leggings with front slits. Subsequently, the trend was picked up by Victoria Beckham – a designer in everyday life regularly goes out to people in tight trousers, neatly cut in the front. Also among the fans of these flared trousers are the co-founder of Wardrobe.NYC and concurrently the director of fashion at Vogue Australia Christine Centener, as well as Emily Ratzkowski.

Victoria Beckham in London, 2018

© Neil Mockford

Emily Ratzkowski in New York, January 2020

As examples of fashion influencers on Instagram show, pants are not only suitable for the office and walking around the city. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Linda Tol and Erica Baldrin choose brocade, ivory and crystal-embellished designs for evening wear. Get inspired and take note of this hot fall-winter 2019 trend.

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