How some men show their love, and why women don’t understand it

No man can live happily without love. Love is a dream not only of the fair sex, but also of men.

The most important human need (after basic natural needs) is to be loved, to feel loved and accepted.

But many of us have been looking for love for years and don’t know how to get it. As a result, we feel unloved, dissatisfied.

But there is another way. We need to ask ourselves honest questions:

Do I really know what I need from a partner to feel his love?

Am I talking about it, am I asking?

Or do I continue to hope that my partner will understand everything himself and will show his love the way I need?

The bottom line is that men and women express their love in different ways.

Some men do this by providing for their woman. They think that this is their love.


If a man is caring towards his girlfriend, then this is certainly considered a sign of strong love feelings. Representatives of the stronger sex, by their nature, are not capable of caring, however, with the appearance in their hearts of warm and tender feelings, a special attitude towards their beloved awakens.

It then manifests itself in caring and is expressed quite simply: a man can cook dinner himself, take care of whether the girl is warmly dressed, or simply cover her with a warm blanket at night.

But most women want an emotional connection, and men need to understand this if they want to satisfy their woman.

You are so? Is that how you show love?

Or if you are women, is that your man? Does he hide behind his closed heart, but shows his love in other ways?

Before complaining about this, let’s at least assume that he is trying – just not in the language of his woman.

Remember that men have been forced for generations to contain their emotions and feelings. And now it is still happening. And they themselves do not realize it.

We must remember that we are all different, we have different values.

Men often value actions, while women value emotional connections. A man expresses love by doing something, and a woman through touching, talking. We speak different languages! Simple, right?

But, believe it or not, we can go beyond gender roles and learn together how to bond, give and receive love in a way that makes each partner happy. It is possible. You just need to learn how.

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We wish you happiness!!

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