How sugar affects the beauty and youthfulness of the skin

It is so nice sometimes to pamper yourself with your favorite dessert – an extra square of chocolate, creamy ice cream or fragrant buns. And even realizing that sugar is not particularly beneficial, few people realize its real effect on the health and youth of the body as a whole. Especially negatively, excessive consumption of sweets affects the condition and beauty of the skin.

How sugar affects the skin and our body

Glycation is the process of interaction between sugars and proteins and an increase in glucose levels that occur in the body after consuming sweets. As a result, products of excessive glycosylation are formed – cellular debris or slags that clog cells and completely rebuild their natural work.

Glycation end products provoke skin aging, decreased muscle tone, impaired blood circulation, changes in skin color and density, dullness and dilated blood vessels, as well as vulnerability to the negative effects of sunlight and the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Sugar abuse also injures and alters collagen fibers – one of the main proteins in the skin, tendons, ligaments and bones. Sugar disrupts their structure, making the fibers less elastic than healthy fibers. The functions of collagen also change – it becomes insoluble and poorly binds water, which immediately affects the appearance of the skin – it becomes drier and less elastic.

In addition, sugar negatively affects the internal microflora of the body. The fact is that bacteria and microorganisms that are present in the body of every person love sweets. Against the background of excessive consumption of sugar, they begin to multiply actively and cause inconvenience, manifesting themselves in the form of fungi, thrush, indigestion and many other diseases.

Sweets can cause more serious problems, because when eating simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, there is a rapid rise in blood sugar levels and sharp fluctuations in the level of the hormone insulin. Over time, this leads to the development of tissue resistance to insulin – insulin resistance. This condition threatens the development of diabetes or obesity. ⠀

And of course, even healthy skin responds with inflammation and dehydration in response to a large amount of sugar and the negative processes in the body that it entails.

Skin can often look youthful and healthy even with frequent sugar intake. This is due to the fact that glycation processes do not actively develop in it until the age of 30–35. But after that they can proceed at a very fast pace. In adulthood, glucose becomes a kind of glue in the body, which makes the blood vessels inelastic. All this causes inflammation, which in turn leads to deterioration or complete cessation of the work of smooth vascular muscles and cells.

It is important to start the fight against glycation as early as possible to prevent damage to the subcutaneous tissue and a decrease in skin elasticity and firmness. This can be done by completely eliminating or reducing the amount of sugar consumed. You can replace sweets with dried fruits, fruits or nuts.

What can we do for our skin

If you can’t completely abandon sweets, you need to take care of your skin more carefully.

Carbohydrates destroy collagen, which causes wrinkles to appear, the oval of the face sags and becomes less defined. They also cause dehydration and dullness of the skin. To avoid this, you should add more moisturizing toners, masks, as well as serums and creams to your care. It is important to pay attention to the products with a tightening and firming effect, even if there is no apparent need for this now.

1 – smoothing peeling balm with Erborian sesame milk, 2 – moisturizing serum with Lumene prebiotics, 3 – moisturizing cleansing oil with Innisfree green tea extract, 4 – Caudalie firming face serum with instant lifting effect, 5 – facial gel Clinique, 6 – Dr. Jart Firming Firming Modeling Mask

Sugar in large quantities also leads to inflammation, microcracks and a deterioration in skin tone. Therefore, lovers of coffee with a croissant should not forget about regular skin exfoliation, as well as daily gentle cleansing with special cosmetics. Gels and foams with green tea and tea tree oil are ideal.


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