How TikTok can make you a fashion star

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The fact that a House like Celine has chosen Tiktoker as the face of its new campaign just goes to show just how great the influence of the newfangled app is now. Not surprisingly, though, of all the teens, it was Noen Eubanks (and his multimillion-dollar audience) that caught the brand’s attention. Celine Creative Director Edi Slimane photographed the eighteen-year-old youth idol for the brand’s new campaign. The result is a series of black and white portraits Celine Portrait: Portrait of a Teen Idol. Prior to Eubanks, the campaign starred actress Margaret Qualley and model Wolf Gillespie.

He started TikTok for a joke

In 2018, Noen signed up on the platform with one goal – to play a trick on his brother, and only then decided to make that video available to everyone. A month later, he logged into his account again and was surprised that his video was watched 100 times. It was then that he became interested in the application for real. Now Noen spends six hours a day on TikTok, filming videos in which he sings to the soundtrack of Aqua hits, dances in the mall or talks about makeup, and his audience has reached 7.5 million subscribers.

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Now his videos are gaining 100 million views.

In just a year, Noen gained incredible popularity – he is gaining millions of views and likes. He also signed a contract with the youth content studio Kyra, they help him with ideas for videos and, of course, with big cooperation agreements.

They call him “softboy”, but he prefers the nickname “flowerboy”

Let’s figure it out. “Softboy” is the term now used to describe pretty-looking young people who are not afraid to express their feelings in every possible way (for example, Timothy Chalamet or Harry Styles). True, many believe that “softboys” are often also excellent manipulators, so Noen prefers to be called “flowerboy” – another term that essentially means about the same.

He’s been compared to Billie Eilish.

Probably, the two teenagers are so often compared because of their mutual love for hair color change and neon. Noen is a fan of the singer. He especially likes that Billy is actively advocating for the protection of nature: “I heard Billie Eilish announced that her next world tour will be fully consistent with the concept of ‘conscious consumption’. It’s so cool”.

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He released his merch

The Celine campaign is not Noen’s first step towards conquering the fashion world. He has already released his own merch called Not Noen, which includes hoodies, sweatpants and shorts.

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