How to act if you find mold on the jam?

You open a jar of such a coveted, fragrant, homemade raspberry jam with your own hand, and then brown, shaggy spots look at you. A frequent story, isn’t it? At this unpleasant moment, one single question pops up in my head: should I throw it away or eat it, closing my eyes to what I saw? This dilemma is perplexing for many. Therefore, the editors “So easy!” will tell you what to do if you suddenly find mold on the jam.

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Mold on jam

First you need to figure out what mold is. These are common fungi that multiply successfully in food. There are many types of fungi. Among them are harmless, dangerous and even useful. Harmful fungi release poisons into food. Usually, they only affect the taste of the product, but in the worst case, they can be seriously poisoned.

Mold that has captured the jam indicates a violation of the cooking technology or storage conditions. This is a clear signal that something has gone wrong with the jam.

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What to do with mold

Only through laboratory research can you find out for sure what kind of mold is located in your jam. It is simply impossible to visually determine the degree of danger of any fungus.

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It is extremely important to remember that what you find on the surface of the jam is only the visible part of the fungus. The fact is that most of it has long been spread to the very bottom… Therefore, removing a few spoons with mold stains will not completely get rid of the fungus.

Also, unfortunately, microwaving, freezing, or even boiling will not remove mold. It is incredibly tenacious and disappears only under the influence of a very long high-temperature treatment.

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Considering all of the above, conclusion can be drawn one: when you see mold on the jam, send it to the trash bin with peace of mind. And in the next fruit season, prepare jam in full compliance with all the rules. In addition, do not forget that you need to store the jam in a room where there is no excess moisture and where direct sunlight does not penetrate.

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Did you know how to deal with mold in jam? Feel free to share with us in the comments. We wish that your jam never knows the plagues of mold!

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