How to apply makeup to hide the signs of fatigue on your face?

If you haven’t slept enough, you are overworked and your face looks haggard, competent makeup will help to improve the situation for the better. This is especially true for ladies who work in an office and for whom an attractive appearance is an important component of the image of a business woman.

Useful tips from the masters of make-up will help to create the perfect image in the current difficulty:

  • They start makeup by applying foundation on the face. It should ideally match the skin type, be combined with the natural tone of the face. It is acceptable that the product is slightly lighter than the natural skin color. This technique will allow you to achieve the glow effect inherent in youth.
  • Masking dark circles under the eyes will refresh a tired face. To do this, use a beauty product called a concealer. It should be slightly lighter in skin tone. The best way to mask the blue under-eye that is outstanding is to apply a little pinkish concealer to the problem area.
  • You can fix the result by lightly powdering your face. The tone of the powder should be slightly lighter than the natural complexion. During the summer months, you can use a golden tint to give your skin a tanned and radiant look. In the cold season, it will be irrelevant.
How to apply makeup to hide the signs of fatigue on your face?
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  • A great way to refresh a tired face and make it look younger is to apply a little blush. When choosing this beauty product, also focus on your skin tone. The darker it is, the more saturated in color the blush should be.
  • When starting to eye makeup, remember the golden rule: due to the light shades of cosmetics, the eyes look more expressive and brighter. With a tired face, it is better to refrain from applying shadows of a dark color to the entire eyelid. They can only slightly emphasize the outer corner of the eye.
  • Use multiple shades of the same color palette for the perfect look. The lightest tone is applied under the eyebrow and on the inner corner of the eye, the whole eyelid is painted over with the middle one, and the outer corner of the eye is shaded with the darkest one.
  • To give the lashes a thicker look, draw an arrow along the line of their growth on the upper eyelid with a cosmetic pencil. Then you need to shade it slightly. Then a little black classic mascara is applied to the eyelashes. It’s a win-win for any makeup look.
  • A bright accent on the lips will help refresh a tired face. Lipstick in beige, brownish shades in this case will not help to hide traces of fatigue. Experienced makeup artists recommend giving preference to a lipstick that would look organic on your face without using other cosmetics. Before applying it, it is advisable to circle the lips with a pencil that matches the color of the selected lipstick. This will prevent it from spreading.
How to apply makeup to hide the signs of fatigue on your face?
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  • Makeup artists recommend applying lipstick with a lip brush. Do not forget to lightly blot them with a tissue to remove excess beauty products. This simple trick will also help to consolidate the result – lipstick on the lips will last all day.
  • To freshen up your face and give your lips a more seductive look, apply a small amount of sheer gloss over the lipstick. This technique is indicated for makeup on a tired face.

To hide traces of fatigue and lack of sleep through face make-up, you should use decorative cosmetics very carefully. All used beauty products must be in harmony with each other in color. It is not worth focusing on the eyes and lips at once. This can make the problem worse.

Make-up is applied to the face in a thin layer. This is an important condition. Failure to comply with it threatens that the face, as a result, will look like an inanimate mask. In this case, there is no need to talk about the refreshing and rejuvenating effect of makeup.



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