How to apply under the cuticle gel polish?

We tell you how to apply gel polish so that even after two weeks it looks like new

Since gel polish, unlike ordinary varnish, can last up to three to four weeks, they try to apply it as close to the cuticle and even under it, so that the regrown part of the nail is not visible for as long as possible. There are several ways to capture the space under the cuticle and open the so-called “pocket” in which you can paint over the nail plate so that it becomes visible only after a week. You can repeat this manicure even at home. Here’s how to do it right.

Preparatory stage

  • There is no point in painting over the nail under the cuticle without thorough treatment of the nail plate and the skin around it. Therefore, treat the cuticles and nails with a remover, remove the pterygium and get rid of the burrs.
  • When sanding your nails, pay special attention to the area near the cuticle – this will reduce the likelihood that the gel polish will leak onto the skin.
  • Degrease your nails thoroughly.
  • Use a soft pusher to push back the cuticles on all fingers at once.
  • Immediately before applying the gel polish, do not just move, but lift the cuticle up from the nail with a gentle movement of the silicone pusher on the nail that you will paint. This step will allow you to “open the pocket” even without hardware processing of the cuticle.

The main stage

You can use a thin or standard brush to paint under the cuticle.

Paint your nails with gel polish, stepping back a few millimeters from the edges. Dry in the lamp. Next, type the gel polish on a thin nail art brush and use it to fill in the remaining space. The thin, neat tip of the brush will allow you to get under the cuticle without touching it. If out of habit you have ugly joints, then on the second layer, lightly sand them and then cover them with a top. They will become completely invisible.

  • Standard brush

If you do not know how to draw thin lines, you can apply gel polish as close to the cuticle as possible with an ordinary brush. Take quite a bit of gel polish on the brush and paint over the nail, retreating from the cuticle by 3-4 mm. Next, press the brush, holding it almost horizontally, against the nail plate so that it opens like a fan.


Rotate it so that the line along the cuticle only touches the corner of the brush. Due to the fact that the brush has opened “like a fan”, its thickness will allow the hairs of the brush to be brought under the cuticle without touching it. Then rotate the brush around its axis so that the corner of the brush independently paints the area near the cuticle in an even semicircle. Repeat the same for the other half of the nail. Then draw a line down the center, smoothing out the gel polish.



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