How to build the perfect basic wardrobe

A good base is the foundation of our style. Today there are a huge number of myths that can get in the way of building a basic wardrobe, where each item fulfills its price and goes well with different sets.

You’ve probably heard phrases like “Every woman should have a little black dress and beige pumps” or “A white T-shirt and a classic blazer should be present in every wardrobe”. But what is wrong here?

The point is that the base is a very individual thing. You can draw an analogy with hair color, it is impossible to say that any color will suit absolutely everyone. It’s the same with the basic wardrobe.

Maybe you are a business woman or work in an office with a dress code, or you are a mom on maternity leave, for whom comfort plays a major role, you can often go to the theater and other events that require a certain dressiness, or you hate shoes on heels? All of these features affect exactly what your basic wardrobe will be.

How to build the perfect basic wardrobe

For each of the situations described above, there will be a different set of basic things, and the basic wardrobe of mommy will be very different from that of a business woman.

Let’s look at examples of everyday images.

For a girl who goes to work in the office every day, the following combinations are likely to be typical:

But, mommy, for whom convenience is primarily important, will most likely prefer other images.

So how do you craft the perfect basic wardrobe for yourself?

Step 1: making a lifestyle map. For example, 40% at home, 30% walking with the child, 15% meeting with friends and going to a restaurant, 5% sports, 10% trips to nature. This will give an understanding of how you spend more time, and what things should prevail in your wardrobe.

Step 2: we write a list of things in which you are uncomfortable, in which you do not feel comfortable. This will save you from making irrational purchases. For example, if you are uncomfortable with walking in heels, but you buy stiletto pumps, the likelihood that you will wear them once a year or not at all is very high.

Step 3: we carefully read the composition. Basic items are purchased for a longer period of time and must be of good quality. An item with a good composition will last a very long time. This in no way means that you need to go shopping exclusively to luxury stores. And in budget brands you can find things with an excellent composition, the main thing is to devote time to this and search.

Step 4: basic wardrobe items should be as laconic as possible, and here we are not talking about color. Bright colors are acceptable in the base, but you need to take a closer look at the cut, details and prints. For a basic wardrobe, you should choose things without a pronounced style, with no fringe, large flounces, bright accessories and other expressive elements. Such things will be difficult to fit into a large number of images.

How to build the perfect wardrobe

In the case of a blazer, the first option will perfectly fit into any look, be it a lingerie-style dress and mules or a white T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, it will perfectly complement a business look, and also will not contradict the romantic style.

But the second option, despite the neutral black color and simple cut, will be very difficult to combine with anything because of the active decorative elements.

The situation is similar with skirts. With a satin skirt, you can create sets for all occasions: put on with a T-shirt and sneakers and go for a walk, with a pink blouse and sandals – and the look is ready for a date. And if you add a silk top, clutch and heeled sandals, you can safely go to the event.

In the situation with the second skirt, due to the bright print, the variability is reduced.

Sweaters are a good example. A loose beige sweater can be worn with a pleated or A-line skirt, with any trousers, with jeans and sneakers, as well as with classic black trousers and pumps – you get a set in a business casual style. The second sweater has a pronounced sports style, and it will not work to create business or romantic looks with it.

By observing all of the above recommendations, you can easily create a basic wardrobe that:

1. It will be perfect for you and match your lifestyle
2. Consists of things, each of which will work out its value
3. There will be no questions, “What to combine this dress with?” and “How to wear this jacket?”

With this approach, you will save your money and time on the selection of images, and most importantly, the reflection in the mirror will delight you again and again.

Stylist-image maker Smirnova Julia @ ss.yuliia

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