How to care for long hair: top 8 tips

Long hair uniquely adorns any girl. And how many of us try to grow curls up to the waist, or even lower. It is not as easy as it seems at first glance. And when there is sufficient length, the ends begin to split. And you don’t want to cut the length! That is why special care is required for long curls – everything is not as easy here as with medium-length or short hair.

Tip 1: take a close look at your curls

It would seem that this advice is banal, but most women ignore it. Care products are purchased practically without looking, referring only to advertisements or to the advice of girlfriends. However, in order to find the right care, you need to carefully study your curls, determine the type of hair and scalp, and only start from this.

Is your hair greasy and dull quickly, do you have to wash it almost every day? Choose products specifically for oily hair and scalp. And vice versa: if the ends are badly split, the hair is dry after dyeing or is natural, try to choose moisturizers. In a word, you yourself should know the type of your curls perfectly.

Tip 2: visit a trichologist

Today, consultations with a trichologist (this is a hair condition specialist) are becoming more and more popular. If you have visible problems with your hair, which neither care products, nor any home or salon procedures can cope with, then it’s time to go for a consultation with a trichologist. He will be able to “dig deeper” and, according to the condition of the hair, determine the internal causes that affect him. Hair loss, dandruff, condition of hair follicles? A good specialist will answer all these questions with ease.

How to care for long hair

Tip 3: nourish and moisturize your hair ends more

Long hair has one obvious problem that is most common. These are oily roots and dry tips. The reason is simple: sufficient hair length prevents nutrients from being distributed throughout the hair from root to tip. The hair is depleted from about the middle of its length, begins to dry out and split. At the same time, the roots are often greasy. And if the hair is up to the waist or below, you yourself know perfectly well how much time you need to spend on washing, drying and styling it, so you don’t want to do it every day!

That is why you need to pay more attention to nourishing your hair from the middle to the ends. Pamper your hair with oil masks (olive, almond, vegetable with a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils) and body wraps. But try to touch only the hair from the middle to the ends, without touching the roots or retreating from them at least 3-5 centimeters. Otherwise, the roots will grow fat even more. The oil can be heated in a water bath and applied to the curls in pure form, or mixed with your usual hair mask.

Hair care

Tip 4: buy dry shampoo

It is for the reason described above that long hair becomes greasy at the roots and remains dry at the ends. And as we said, washing long curls every day is time-consuming and energy-intensive. Therefore, you need to “make friends” with dry shampoo – this is an excellent tool for express refreshing of the roots and scalp. Dry shampoo comes in the form of a powder or dry spray. It is enough to spray it on the hair roots and scalp, beat the roots with your fingers for more volume and comb thoroughly. Ideal for every day when there is no opportunity, time or just too lazy to wash your hair.

Tip 5: use shampoo and conditioner wisely

Here we are talking about the usual traditional shampoo and balm after washing your hair. When washing, try to apply and strongly lather the shampoo only at the roots. Avoid shampooing the entire length of your hair: this will not only dry it out even more, but you can damage and stretch damp hair, causing it to split even more. To wash away dirt and dust from the length of the curls, there will be enough foam from the roots, which will need to be carefully distributed down and washed off.

But with the conditioner, balm or mask that you are used to using after washing, the situation is the opposite: they should be applied precisely to the ends of the hair, say, from the middle of the length or stepping back from the roots at least 5 centimeters. Try to hold the balm for at least 5-7 minutes so that it is well absorbed into the hair and moisturizes it. Use a mask or conditioner after every shampoo, as the ends of long hair really need hydration.

Tip 6: rinse your hair with cool water

No, not cold, but cool or room temperature. You can wash your hair with shampoo (remember – only the roots) and hot enough water to wash off all the sebum, dust, dirt and previously used styling products. After you’ve thoroughly rinsed off the shampoo, apply conditioner (again, remember – from the middle to the ends of your hair). But the conditioner should be washed off with cooler water. For the final rinsing, it is good to add very little raspberry or apple cider vinegar to the water. Cool water and acid will close the hair scales for smoother and shinier curls.

Tip 7: brush your hair right

Do not brush your hair when it is wet, especially if it is long enough. This will only stretch the hair that is already too elastic from contact with water, making it even more brittle and fragile. After shampooing, gently pat dry with a towel and spray onto hair for easy combing or heat protection. Now wait about 10-15 minutes for the hair to dry slightly on its own. After that, you can start drying them with a hairdryer using a comb. Comb your hair starting at the ends and work your way up gradually towards the roots. Keep the hair dryer at a sufficient distance so as not to expose the curls to the harmful effects of the warm air.

Tip 8: get your hair cut regularly

Visit your hairdresser regularly, at least once every 2 months. Long hair needs constant updating, otherwise it will look simply unkempt, the length will constantly flicker, and the ends will be chopped. And here the constant use of styling products and straightening irons will not help (but only harm). It will be much more useful to remove a couple of centimeters of hair every 2-3 months, and they will be filled with life and look much more well-groomed. Do not feel sorry for the length: in 2-3 months the curls grow by more than 2 centimeters. And there is no need to neglect the beautiful and well-groomed look of hair in favor of their length – it will just look untidy.

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