How to choose a bag by body type: stylist tips

“Sometimes a woman’s handbag can tell much more about its mistress than the mistress herself …”

A bag is necessary for a woman not only to store the little things she needs when she goes out, it is an important component of the image, and a properly selected bag makes the image stylistically complete and complete.

Today designers offer an assortment of bags for different life situations. Believe it or not, with the help of this wardrobe item you can both spoil your figure and emphasize the best sides. In order for the image to be harmonious and beautiful, when choosing this accessory, you need to take into account the parameters and types of figures.

So, let’s figure out what types of shapes exist, and which bags are better to choose based on this.

1. X-figure. Features – pronounced waist against balanced shoulders and hips. Such a figure is considered ideal. It is to this silhouette that the rest of the figures are trying to bring them closer when they are visually adjusted.

Since the silhouette is proportional, there are no restrictions here. Bags of different shapes are acceptable. Holders of the X-figure can wear the accessory both in the upper torso and in the lower one. If you want to emphasize the waist, then wear belt bags at the waist or at the waist.

How to choose a bag

2. N-figure. In such a figure, the volume of the shoulders slightly exceeds the volume of the hips. The waist is not pronounced.

Pay attention to soft rounded bags to smooth out the angularity of the figure, choose fashionable clutches that designers offer this season, tote bags or tote bags. I recommend wearing it on the hips and preferably in a color similar to that of the bottom. A belt bag is possible, but then choose a loose silhouette of clothes to create the illusion of an X-figure.

Avoid rigid rectangular bags.

Choosing a women's handbag

3. A-figure. This figure has hips wider than shoulders, the waist is expressed. Choose vertical or square saddlebags with a short strap and armpit clutches that “gather” overly soft shapes. This will create a balance between the bottom and top. If you want to keep the accessory in the hip area, then choose a color different from the color of the bottom.

Avoid soft, rounded bags that will only emphasize the roundness of the figure.

Choosing a bag by body type: stylist tips

4. V-shape. Athletic figure with broad shoulders and narrow hips. To balance the figure, move the bags from the top to the bottom. Choose a bag with smooth lines that will soften the geometric silhouette of the torso. For example, models with a long belt, hobo bag, saddle are worn in the hip area or slightly below.

Avoid bags with rigid shapes and sharp corners!

5. O-figure. This figure is characterized by slender legs, balanced shoulders and hips, but the waist is not pronounced. Look for vertical bags such as shoppers, totes, Birkin and Kelly from Hermes. Our goal here is to shift our focus from the waist to the legs. Since this type of figure has slender legs, we hold the bag in our hand at the level of the legs. Emphasis on the legs!

Avoid rounded hips and armpits.

Remember that we choose bags in the opposite shape to the silhouette of a person. Geometric bags are suitable for girls with rounded shapes, rounded bags such as trunks, etc. we select for girls with a straight silhouette and athletic build.

Corpulent women avoid small handbags and very large, petite girls – huge handbags. Tall girls should not choose very large bags, as well as bags with long straps and with a vertical shape. Thus, a woman, not choosing the right bag, may visually appear even taller or larger.

Choose bags taking into account the parameters of your figure! Apply this rule when choosing bags and draw attention to your figure merits, distracting from small imperfections.

Author: stylist Lucia Osepyan

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