How to choose a down jacket for a short woman

When your height is far from average, choosing clothes becomes a quest. And if everything is clear with trousers – you can simply carry it in the atelier and shorten it, then with outerwear everything is not so obvious.

Let’s first figure out which styles to pay attention to so that the image looks harmonious and proportional. The most important point is length. The optimal range is from shortened to midi length options that cover the knee about the palm. For not very cold weather, semi-sports volumetric models are suitable.

Down jackets for short women

It is better to combine them with relaxed looks. For example, with a hoodie combined with straight jeans and insulated sneakers, or a sweater, trousers with pintucks and coarse boots with thick soles. Down jackets with a belt look very cool. For example, short lenki lenki style, which everyone loved so much a year ago.

How to choose a down jacket
How to choose a down jacket

If you still want warmer options, then straight models of medium length are ideal companions. Make sure that there is enough space under the down jacket for a warm sweater, or it is better to take the sweater with you to the store for fitting. We combine it with hiker boots, a binnie hat and boldly go for a walk even in the most severe frost.

Down jackets for short women - how to look spectacular

For more business looks in the office or for feminine ones with shoes with heels, down jackets, shaped like a coat-robe, are perfect. When the waist is indicated, the length of the legs is visually read from it and the figure appears more proportional. By the way, if your down-padded coat doesn’t have a belt, then you can put on a medium-width leather belt on top – there will be a spectacular trendy look.

It is better to refuse from down jackets to heels and hypervolume models so as not to look like a little girl in mother’s clothes. And here the fitting is very important, because the same model for a standard size of 170 cm can sit like a midi, and on a petite girl it can be almost ankle-deep.

Oversized down jacket for a short girl

And if you want to wear oversized? Not a problem! Just add a couple of corrective techniques to lighten the silhouette and stretch the height that are appropriate for the situation. For example, stand on a heel, mark your waist. Or you can create a monochrome image and wear all things of the same or similar shades.

down jacket for a short woman

Where to looking for? It is possible that your perfect down jacket can be found in the most ordinary stores. Today’s fashion dictates a free cut, and this is only to our advantage, because even if the down jacket is slightly larger in size, then this is not a problem for a long time. And you can pay attention to the shops, where special lines for small ones are presented – petite line. The largest assortment in the ASOS multibrand online store. But there are also other brands, for example, J.Crew, Theory, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing.

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How to choose a down jacket
How to choose a down jacket

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