How to choose a foundation brush?

Among the basic tools that every makeup bag should have is a foundation brush. We tell you what to be guided by when choosing it

According to the well-known rule, brushes for dry cosmetics should be with natural bristles, and for liquid textures – synthetic. Should I follow it when it comes to foundation brushes? Which brush to choose and which brush to apply the cream? It all depends on how you use it, what effect and “finish” you are trying to achieve, what density of coverage you need. In this sense, different foundation brushes have different advantages.

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This brush can be easily recognized from a thousand by its white tip. Its peculiarity is that “synthetics” (those very white hairs) smoothly turns into a darker natural pile. This allows her to create an optimum coating density. And with knowledge of the technique – using duofiber, the foundation is applied to the skin with light circular movements – you can achieve a very thin layer at all, which, when viewed from the side, will be completely invisible.



For other purposes, a flat, elongated foundation brush like Urban Decay’s Flat Optical Blurring Brush is useful. It is suitable for those looking for an even, medium-density coverage. It is very easy to use it: spread the foundation drawn on the tip of the brush in the direction from the central part of the face to the hairline. For convenient and quick work with foundation, this brush is ideal.



You can do without brushes. Many makeup artists exclusively use the egg sponge. It is known for creating the most uniform coverage that is difficult to see even up close. The result is as if after working with an airbrush. Such a sponge must be moistened with water and applied with a wet foundation. Due to this technique, the coating is light and thin. Such a sponge – Precision Blending Sponge – look for NYX Professional Makeup.Product Widget: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP LATEX FREE TEAR-DROP BLENDING SPONGE

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