How to choose a hair color so you don’t get lost in the crowd this fall

If a girl likes to experiment with the color of her hair, then it’s time to do it in autumn. Autumn is a time when many people get depressed. A new hair color will always cheer you up. In the event that you don’t really like the color, you can hide it under the headdress.

This season, unusual colors are in vogue, which some girls did not even dream of. Pay attention to the following shades.

Renewed brunette

If the chestnut shade is already boring and you want something new, then it’s time to become a “dirty” brunette. Tint means that individual strands are dyed in a light tone. The so-called light highlights are obtained. Then any dark shade is applied to the hair. The highlights remain lighter. It turns out a kind of play of color, which the beauties of Hollywood prefer today. Hair looks new.

Faded pastel

Faded pastels are a hit this season. First, the hair must be discolored, and then dyed in any pastel shade. It can be strawberry, caramel, or pink blond. The shades will look as if they have faded a little.How to choose a hair color so you don't get lost in the crowd this fall

Live coral

Orange gold – this is what the coral hue is called. It will look harmonious on girls on golden autumn days. In addition, this shade is very easy to wash off. Therefore, you can go for an experiment. In which case, you can return to the original hair color.How to choose a hair color so you don't get lost in the crowd this fall

Dark blond

An interesting and unusual shade. It turns out due to the fact that two tones are mixed: ash and light brown. In this case, the hairline is colored with a shade of light pearls.

Dusty copper

The red shade is not suitable for every girl, as it is too saturated. Therefore, colorists suggest a shade of dusty copper. The ginger charm is preserved, but it is not so flashy, but muted. Dusty copper color will suit those. who wants to become brighter, but is afraid of sudden changes.How to choose a hair color so you don't get lost in the crowd this fall

Antique gold

For those who are already tired of ash blonde and platinum. Available in an antique gold shade. An expensive color is obtained due to the fact that shades of pink, beige and a shade of champagne are mixed.How to choose a hair color so you don't get lost in the crowd this fall

New colors and shades will transform the girl completely, make her stand out from the crowd and will definitely attract the attention of others. In any case, you will definitely succeed in standing out with the help of new shades.


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