How to choose a haircut for thin hair: rules and tips from stylists

Thin hair is usually softer and has less volume. Because of this, there is no trace of styling by the evening, only if you did not use reinforced concrete fixation styling. What to do?

Short and average length in this case it will be ideal: the shorter the hair, the thicker it looks and the more volume it lies. The situation is more difficult with hair to the shoulders and below.

Regardless of the length of the hair, the task of the master will be to create a dense edge cut so that no thin ponytails remain. They make the hair look even thinner. But personally, I generally do not recommend growing thin hair too much, especially if it is sparse. The optimal length here is not below the collarbone.

This is because the longer the hair, the heavier it is physically. Because of this, the volume on the roots practically disappears, and for thin hair, its presence is critical. Styling can fix this, but you will have to spend time on it after each shampooing. If this is not possible, it makes sense to sacrifice length.

Don’t worry if you have fine hair – it is easy and simple to add volume to it with the help of … the right haircut!

With them, the master changes the angle at which he holds the strand and makes a cut. This creates layers on short, medium and long strands. They are placed on top of each other, which adds volume to the hairstyle.

beautiful haircuts for thin hair
styling haircuts for fine hair

Layering haircuts allows you to do several hairstyles, and it becomes easier to style them. Curls and waves add airiness to the hairstyle. AND graduated the bean can be dried with a round comb or fluffed with texturizing agents: powder and spray with sea salt.

SalonSecret experts in such cases take powder Matrix Height Riser and a professional salt mineral spray L’Oréal Pro Beach Waves.

Hair should be trimmed so that it sits on top of each other. This visually lifts them up and adds volume to the hairstyle. The technique is complex, so you need to pay great attention to the choice of the master.

The haircut is characterized by a length just below the shoulders and a straight, even cut edge. The most advantageous on thin hair looks like a square with lengthening and square on a leg. True, the latter is not recommended for those with a short neck. The most popular option was the multi-layered square. The different lengths of the layers help to build a clear volumetric shape that is retained with any installation.

Here’s one of the trendiest options for a modern bob: Spray your hair. Savage Panache and go over them with a curling iron, leaving the ends straight. Spread out the resulting waves with your fingers and spray them with the final touch Ring Light for super shine.

The haircut has several significant advantages at once. Firstly, it suits absolutely everyone, and secondly, it helps to create the necessary volume. Stepped smooth transitions make the hairstyle more lush and effective. An elongated bob looks especially well with deep oblique bangs.

This haircut is created by a smooth transition from short strands at the crown to elongated ones at the temples and nape. At the same time, the top of the head remains voluminous and lush, and the transitions between the layers are made deliberately sharp. The ends are carefully filled to emphasize the contrast with the crown and create a beanie effect.

This is already for medium length. A bob in various variations is a great solution for fine hair. It can be combined with any face shape (the master will figure out which option suits you best), it can be longer or shorter, with or without bangs. Separately distinguish elongated bobin which the hair reaches the shoulders. For styling, you need products that add volume or texture. You can also curl your hair or style it on a round comb for volume.

Pixie This is not the first season in the trend, but it still stands out from the crowd. It’s about the length – it is really short on the occipital and temporal zones (and the bangs are voluminous). Pixie is the perfect haircut for thin hair… Like all modern haircuts, pixies can be styled differently to look different every day. Styling powder will help add tousled and lifted hair. If you want a sleek hairstyle, look for gel or lipstick. They can also give hair any shape. For example, put them in a cute mohawk.

For a trendy wet look, use a gel L’Oréal Pro Extreme Splash… And if you only need root volume and airiness, dry shampoo will do. Morning After Dust or specially formulated dry shampoo for revolutionary volume Matrix High Amplify with a comfortable fine spray.

Undercut it is considered to be a “masculine” technique, but in fact it is universal. UK girls wore these haircuts back in the 60s. Depending on how your hair is cut and styled, this will suit everyone. Recall that undercut is a combination of hair of different lengths without smooth, soft transitions. It is sometimes called a haircut in a haircut.

When asked if it is possible to wear bangs with thin hair, we asked the stylist and art partner to answer L’Oreal Professional Leonid Romanov.

I personally don’t like bangs, but many girls like them and are very popular today. I recommend the bangs, which we call boca in the salon. It is long and splits in two. If trimmed and styled correctly, it will appear to be “poured” into the haircut. It looks very beautiful on thin hair.

This haircut for fine and thin hair is considered one of the most difficult, but the result is worth it. The master creates strands of various lengths. The cut remains straight, which adds volume to the hair. This haircut requires daily styling and regular adjustments. To achieve a wow effect, you can use color stainingwhich will add depth to the hairstyle.

fashionable haircut for fine hair
haircut for thin hair

Immediately, we note that graduated haircuts for thin hair are suitable only for owners of thick or curly hair. Then, indeed, the result of your master’s work will be easier to fit into voluminous hairstyles. For styling, texturizing sprays are suitable: they will refresh the hairstyle, if there is not enough time to wash the hair, they will add texture to clean hair.

For long, thin hair, choose the shape in layers, so the hairstyle will look more voluminous. It is desirable that the volume is concentrated on the crown, and the hair on the face remains straight. For styling, I highly recommend L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Volume Lift Spray-Mousse – with it, in order to lift the hair at the roots, you just need to dry it without styling. Спрей L’Oréal Professionnel Savage Panache fixes the hair well.

Mousse Volume Lift and powdery spray Savage Panache stylists suggest combining with thermoactive styling Tecni.Art More… His main talent is to create texture on thin and lacking hair. Our experts recommend it as a base for any styling, and how exactly to use it – see in this tutorial stylist Marina Shemanaeva.

A timeless classic that has been popular with women all over the world for more than a dozen years. Rachel from Friends, by the way, had one of the options «Stairs»… The master creates different lengths on the hair, peculiar steps. Such layering will add volume and density.

Cascading haircuts for thin hair are somewhat reminiscent of the “Ladder”, but the length of the strands in it is more spontaneous. Transitions can be executed at the temples or at the very tips – in any case, the styling turns out to be especially effective!

To style all these hairstyles, you need to arm yourself with special tools that, oh, miracle, also add volume to thin hair.

But let’s start with leaving – almost half of the success of chic air styling depends on this stage.

Haircuts for thin hair require total volume, so care needs to be light and not burdensome.

The professional salon care product is suitable for the most intense cleansing of hair and scalp. Removes styling residues, sebum and skin deposits that tend to weigh down hair and interfere with its volume. The shampoo provides a high degree of clarity, as it does not contain silicones and conditioners, and also has an acidic pH.

An innovative rinse-off treatment with a weightless watery texture and an instant effect. Shine Rinse not only detangles and conditions, it instantly gives shine and smoothness to even the driest, finest and most porous hair. Conditioning molecules envelop each hair for a shine and soft finish. The product does not contain silicones.

Superfine dry shampoo spreads evenly in a thin layer and absorbs excess oil for incredible and long-lasting volume. It is suitable both as a substitute for regular shampoo (but do not forget to wash your hair the next day), and as a voluminous styling for weak movable fixation.

The experts at SalonSecret have shared a favorite styling perfect for any cut on fine hair: light in texture, great volume, and definitely not weighing down.

Its task is to create volume on fine hair and in no case make it heavier. For maximum effect, use the entire range (it also includes shampoo and air conditioning). Together, these products will increase the volume of your hair by 70%.

The weightless formula delivers perfect root volume. The best effect can be achieved when used together with shampoo and conditioner from the same line.

The product not only creates an obvious root volume, but also reliably fixes the hairstyle, and also gives the hair additional density and thickness. Indispensable for fine hair!

The oil does not require rinsing and is great for both styling and daily grooming. The main function is to add volume and shine to dull thin hair. Prevents frizz, even in high humidity conditions.

Thickens the diameter of each hair by 9 percent and visually adds volume to the hair. Perfect for owners of rare hair. In addition, the product prevents hair loss and breakage.

As stylists say, preparation for styling begins at the stage of shampooing, because the care products should prepare the hair for styling. With this conditioner already in the shower you will realize that your hair has become thicker and denser – this is how the formula works Serioxyl with Incell molecule. Moreover, it does not weigh down a bit and shows excellent results even on long strands.

Where there is texture, there is no place for a boring plane! The paste is great for torn haircuts: blow-dry your hair and then create a subtle tousle with a pea of ​​this styling.


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