How to choose a knitted dress for your figure?

A dress is a piece of clothing that can decorate any female figure, show the silhouette in the most advantageous way, and emphasize dignity. But, of course, you need to choose the right one:

  • style;
  • coloring;
  • length;
  • material.

The general name “knitwear” hides a large number of fabrics of different composition, thin and warmer. Knitted dresses from Belarus can be purchased for cool autumn and winter days, spring and even summer.

Popular fabrics for sewing dresses

Knitwear forms an interlacing of fibers of the same or different materials. Often knitted dresses are sewn from it, in which it is so cozy in autumn and winter. But jersey can be very thin, tight-fitting. Be sure to meet this term in the product description, see the composition. Also, it will not be superfluous to ask the seller for the density of the thing so that you understand how it will sit.

In addition to knitwear, natural fabrics are very popular today: cotton, linen, silk. These are summer options, breathable and lightweight, they will be comfortable in the heat.

Satin and satin are distinguished by their soft shine, they are used for sewing evening dresses. Sheer chiffon is a flirty, weightless fabric. Poplin and jacquard are dense materials, the product will maintain a strict silhouette, which is optimal for a business wardrobe.

How to choose a knitted dress?

Updating the autumn-winter wardrobe, it is imperative to include Belarusian knitwear – dresses for women made of this material will both warm you and make you feel charming and stylish. Choosing them:

Match the features of your figure with the density of the thing you like – thin jersey emphasizes everything, even if the style is not tight. If you want to hide some areas, choose a fabric of medium density.

The style and color are also matched to the type of figure, skin color, hair and eyes. You can also take into account the age – especially bright prints, lettering and colors will attract young girls and look out of place on mature ladies.

The length is important, but there is a nuance – if the dress is warm and will be combined with boots, the length is selected immediately taking into account the shoes.

Things to Remember

You cannot buy cheap jersey, after washing it can deform, stretch and completely lose its appearance. Even high-quality products, with the wrong care, lose their attractiveness pretty quickly. Once you’ve found your perfect knit dress, be sure to check the label before washing and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.



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