How to choose a pink wedding dress

A pink wedding dress is an opportunity to move away from the traditional white, while creating an equally gentle girlish look. This color is romantic and feminine, and a wide range of its shades, from bright to subtle, allows you to choose your own version for a bride of any color type.

Delicate pink tones are the freshness of spring apple orchards and the exquisite velvet of rose petals – everything that beautiful girls love so much. Their beauty invariably inspires designers to create real fashionable masterpieces, and the range of leading salons always has a good selection of pink wedding dresses.

What are the shades of pink

There are endless options for pink, but not all are great for a bridal look. Too catchy colors like fuchsia or raspberry are more likely a choice for an evening or cocktail dress. But delicate tones present the girl’s youthful beauty and make the bride’s image airy and feminine.

Pink wedding dresses - choose your own shade and style

• A shade of pink powder

One of the most trending in this wedding season. Powdery pink refers to natural, nude tones, which, thanks to their naturalness and unobtrusive, but very spectacular beauty, conquer more and more girls’ hearts.

• Shade of dusty rose

Dusty or ash pink – sophisticated and noble. Its Victorian charm and understated elegance make a great choice for a shabby chic wedding.

• Purple

This complex cool shade is a combination of pink and blue. It creates harmonious combinations with silver décor and suits blondes very well. Dresses of this color will continue the concept of a Provence wedding, as well as a nautical theme.

• Pink-peach shade

Warm with golden peach notes, this pink is one of the most charming. It will emphasize the charm and charm of young brides and will be appropriate for a wedding in the warm season.

• Pastel pink

Very light and delicate, this shade is the embodiment of the image of a fairy-tale princess. It is beautiful in itself, but plays especially exquisitely and effectively, shaded with white, pearl, ivory.

Fabrics for pink wedding dresses

The delicate beauty and charm of pink shades can be accentuated with the texture of the fabric:

• Pink satin with its luxurious glossy highlights looks aristocratic and sophisticated. Its sleekness, clean lines and ability to keep its shape allow designers to create models of incredible beauty.

• Thin, weightless tulle is used by fashion designers to create the effect of a mysterious haze, delicate cloud. Lush but light layered skirts envelop the girl’s silhouette in a thin veil.

How to choose a wedding dress
How to choose a wedding dress

• Flowy chiffon that flutters with every movement – the perfect fabric for bridal models with feminine, romantic silhouettes. Ruffles, wavy frills, pink chiffon draperies flow, outlining the curves of the figure.

Styles and decor of pink dresses

The same style in different colors can take on different features. Pink shades give any cut a flair of romance and dreaminess.

• Pink gives the mermaid’s sensual cut a special charm, and the use of different textures of fabrics makes the image expressive. A bride in such an outfit, combining the tenderness of color and the seductiveness of a cut, will look irresistible.

• Curvy models in pink create a princess look that suits young girls. Skirts made of multilayer tulle can combine different shades, which, together with a bodice decorated with lace or embroidery, makes the image cute and touching;

Beautiful pink dress

• Straight cut is elegant and restrained, but pink color gives it originality, and decor in the form of volumetric embroidery or shimmering patterns – solemnity;

• A-silhouette is the charm and flawlessness of lines. What could be more feminine than a perfectly contoured figure and a sophisticated noble color? Different elements of cut and decor can add sexuality and sensuality to the model, or aristocracy and grandeur. A high slit on a multi-layered airy skirt or exquisite pearls that cover the entire fabric – the choice is for the bride.

The pink color is attractive and irresistible in itself, but the decor does not interfere with it at all, but only makes it more expressive.

• Refined white lace and openwork embroidered patterns create an exquisite contrast on pink fabrics;
• Rows of pearl beads falling over the shoulders and decorating the back are combined with fluffy dresses in pink;
• The most relevant decor of recent seasons – feathers – will add sharpness and boldness to even a delicate powdery dress;
• Flowers and butterflies – the most girlish decor, which, like pink tones, is associated with youth and carelessness;
• Shimmering crystals and sequins has an irresistible power over girls. They make the image truly festive, and the happy sparkle in the bride’s eyes even brighter.

Who is the pink wedding dress for?

Pink wedding dresses look best on young brides. This shade speaks of their cute shyness, creating sophisticated looks and a romantic mood. However, it is also suitable for more mature girls who want to look elegant. In this case, you can take a closer look at models with an ash or powdery undertone.

Pink models are suitable for brides who prefer the classics, but want to add color accents to it. These shades give expressiveness to traditional wedding looks, while maintaining their delicacy and airiness.

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