How to choose a school of stylists: 8 tips

Today, few people have not thought about how to make the right impression using their wardrobe. Femininity or brutality, purposefulness or gentleness, creativity or reliability – all this and much more can be broadcast using your own style.

There are people who cope with the work of finding their own style: they carefully study modern trends, watch shows, read thematic literature and apply the experience gained on their wardrobe. And someone resorts to the help of image-makers stylists and thanks to their experience gets acquainted with the rules and laws of the fashion world.

The profession of stylist-image maker is one of the most demanded today. If you are interested in fashion, style, trends, if you are interested in what a color type is, how to correctly combine colors in an image, how to visually correct flaws and emphasize the dignity of any figure, if you get along well with people and do not mind changing your loved ones, perhaps this is a profession of your dream? Like any other profession, it can be trained, and then theoretical knowledge and constantly accumulating experience will lead you to success.

How to choose a school of stylists

So where do you get the much needed knowledge? There are tons of ways to do this. As a rule, in each city there are courses that produce image makers, and also, due to the great demand, many universities have opened stylistics departments. In addition, online education gives great opportunities: you can choose courses or a university in any city, and if you know the language, foreign educational institutions.

What should you look for when choosing a school of stylists?

  1. In person or online. Is it important for you to personally attend classes and live communication with teachers and students, or is it more convenient to watch lectures and do assignments at home with a cup of coffee?
    Stylist profession
  2. Decide whether you need a university diploma, or a certificate of completion will be enough? A diploma does not guarantee work in their specialty, and many popular image makers do not have a higher education in stylistics and imageology, but the courses they have completed, their experience, various internships and years of practice give their positive results. But, if your ambitions paint your future as a stylist in Vogue, a diploma will definitely not be superfluous.
  3. Pay attention to the teaching staff. A specialist tediously reading color theory or fashion history is unlikely to encourage students to conquer fashionable Olympus, while a practicing successful stylist will not only share relevant, not outdated information, but also give unique examples from his own and world practice.
    Stylist profession
  4. The program of the course is very important. It doesn’t have to be just theory. Clarify if practice is envisaged and, if so, to what extent. In addition, basic knowledge of the psychology of communicating with clients, the basics of promoting yourself as a stylist, as well as help in finding your “chip” will be very useful.
  5. Feedback from participants. As a rule, everyone is proud of their graduates and posts their feedback about their studies on their websites. It is worth looking for these students (not difficult if they really practice as stylists) and get feedback directly from them.
  6. Price. Everything is very simple here. Either the price that the school or the practicing stylist is asking for is right for you, or it isn’t. In the second case, look for what you can afford. It is also worth noting that sometimes there are sales for training and it becomes possible to buy a course with a large discount or by installments.
  7. A separate point is to consider the numerous stylists who blog on Instagram and advertise both “style for yourself” courses and professional training courses for stylists for image makers. Most likely, they do not have a license for educational activities, and at best, you will receive a certificate with the IP stamp and the signature of the stylist. This is undoubtedly a big disadvantage. But if a stylist has a good education, many internships and years of successful practice, he may give you quite decent knowledge to start in the profession.

    On Instagram, you can ask all questions to the teacher himself, clarify his education and the course program. The stylist promoting the courses will be sure to post their students’ testimonials, and most likely they will have links to their accounts, allowing you to contact them and get first-hand information. Also, by what posts the image-maker posts, and how he communicates with his subscribers, you can judge whether such a teacher is right for you.

  8. Education at European fashion institutes. There is an opinion among professional stylists that training in them, as a rule, does not give a lot of theoretical knowledge, it is rather a story about inspiration, the play of colors and textures, observation and glamor. But, of course, a diploma from such institutions will be a big plus for your image. If you already have a fundamental knowledge of stylistics, this is a perfectly suitable option for you.

How to choose a school of stylists: 8 tips

The world of style and image is very interesting, full of unique information and opportunities. With due attention, everyone will find the best option for themselves and achieve success on the chosen path. Good luck!

Elena Alexandrova

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