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How to choose a wall-hung toilet?

What it is?

The traditional design of a floor-standing toilet includes a bowl, foot and cistern. In this case, the drain button is on the tank, and the leg is on the floor.

In the photo, an elongated toilet bowl

How to decorate the wall behind the toilet?

A suspended toilet in the interior looks different: only the bowl itself “floating in the air” and the flush button, which is mounted above the seat at arm’s length, remain in sight. At the same time, a flat tank and communications (water supply, sewerage) are hidden inside the installation for a wall-hung toilet, which is installed behind a wall or partition.

The installation itself is a solid welded structure made of metal profiles – it is attached to the wall and, thanks to the distribution of the load, reliably holds not only the toilet bowl, but also the person sitting on it.

toilet for people with disabilities

Toilets with installation are:

  • Blocky… Their main advantage is low price and compactness. But block systems can only be attached to main walls, which significantly narrows the scope of their use.
  • Framed… Made of robust profiles that can withstand heavy loads. Can be attached to floor, wall, or both. Since the main load falls on the frame, wooden walls, gypsum board and other fragile materials are suitable as a basis.

square toilet

Pictured is a square model in a modern bathroom

What are the pros and cons?

Why do designers advise hanging toilets, and people buy them for their homes?

How to arrange a small toilet?
  • Beauty… The aesthetic characteristics are hidden sewer and water pipes, functional but ugly details.
  • Convenience of cleaning… At the junction of the leg with the floor, dust constantly accumulates and it is quite difficult to wash it out, if you use the wall option, the problem will be solved by itself.
  • Reliability… Quality models can withstand up to 400 kg of weight.
  • Variability… Manufacturers often sell bowls and wall-hung toilet bowls separately – this allows you to assemble a kit that fits perfectly into your bathroom.
  • Low level noise. If you are tired of the sound of water gathering in the bathroom, change the standard toilet for a wall-mounted one. Firstly, the tank is hidden behind a partition, and secondly, it is usually lined with additional noise-insulating material.

wall-hung toilet in a narrow bathroom

We must not forget about the cons:

  • High price… Although prices for plumbing vary, a wall-mounted design will cost several times more than a floor one.
  • Complex installation… It is better to entrust the work to a professional.
  • Repair difficulties… Since all pipelines are hidden behind a partition, in the event of a leak, you will have to remove the trim and disassemble the wall.

minimalistic toilet

What to consider when choosing?

When choosing a wall-hung toilet for your bathroom, you need to consider 5 important points:

  • The size.
  • The form.
  • Cup material.
  • Internal form.
  • Colour.
Small bathroom design mistakes

To choose hanging toilet dimensions first of all, the area of ​​the bathroom and the place itself where it will be installed:

  • Compact (length <55 cm)… The small volume helps to save space in small bathrooms.
  • Medium (55-60 cm)… Most popular for their versatility: suitable for any premises.
  • Increased (61-70 cm)… Choose for spacious bathrooms, provide ease of use for people with disabilities.

Forms hanging toilets, like conventional ones, are geometric:

  • Circle or oval… Elongated models are more common, they are more ergonomic. Additional benefits include ease of maintenance – no corners or bends make it easy to clean the insides with a brush. In addition, if there are no sharp corners, the risk of injury is much lower.
  • Square or rectangle… Angles and clean lines increase the risk of injury, but such plumbing looks very stylish. Especially when installed in modern minimalist interiors.

The shape of the bowl may differ by the presence of a rim. Rimless toilets – an innovation that deserves special attention. The absence of a rim (recess) opens up new horizons in maintaining cleanliness: bacteria have nowhere to accumulate and you can be sure that the plumbing is sterile after a regular wash.

wall-hung toilet with bidet

In the photo, a set of plumbing in the same style

The bowls themselves are made from various materials, you can select them for an already installed bath or the color scheme of the bathroom:

  • Porcelain… The snow-white non-porous surface looks noble and simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Faience… The budget analogue of porcelain looks less sophisticated, but it is quite acceptable in modern interiors.
  • Metal… Ideal for loft-style bathrooms.
  • Fake diamond… Yes, not only bathtubs and sinks are made of it – toilets made of polymer concrete are strong, durable and stylish.
  • Glass… A rare but effective option: looks especially good in high-tech settings.

Convenience and hygiene of use, efficiency of flushing depends on the type of bowl from the inside. There are 3 types:

  • Visor… A special “shelf” at the front wall protects against splashing water.
  • Poppet… “Shelf” at the back wall. Least hygienic format.
  • Funnel-shaped… The most hygienic option without a shelf, but requires an additional anti-splash system.

In wall-mounted models, the outlet usually has one form: horizontal. Oblique is less common.

square toilet without legs

And the last one – product color… The choice here is a matter of taste. You can choose the right one for tiles or other finishes, or stop at standard white. Special series from different manufacturers provide for both monochrome sanitary ware (gray, black, cream). So is color – blue, red, green, yellow. They also produce products with prints or drawings.

Attention should be paid not only to the color of the bowl, but also to the buttons: the chrome plated drain does not match black or bronze faucets. To achieve harmony in your design, choose all the metal in the same scale.

black toilet

Pictured is a black toilet with a bidet

Installation features

Installing a wall-hung toilet in a bathroom is a delicate matter. It’s easier to entrust it to a plumber, but if you are going to install it yourself, follow the advice of experts:

  • Purchase two parts (bowl and installation) from the same manufacturer – this ensures that the technical holes match and simplifies work.
  • Check the availability of fasteners when buying: some models do not have them, you will have to buy separately.
  • To hide the inside, a false wall is built, the depth and width of which is determined by the dimensions of the structure.
  • The frame is fixed at 4 points on the wall, or 2 on the wall, 2 in the floor. Be sure to use a level – horizontal and vertical must be clearly maintained.
  • Use the templates included with the installation to quickly cut drywall and finishing materials.

communication to the toilet

installation of a wall-hung toilet

wall-hung toilet with bidet

How does it look in the interior?

Toilets without legs are the choice of people who value ergonomics and prefer modern design trends. Indeed, in a classic bathroom with moldings and gilding, the wall piece will look out of place (the exception is the plumbing is made in a suitable style).

But in a minimalist bathroom design or when decorating in a high-tech style, you cannot do without a hanging toilet.

wall-hung toilet in a classic style

In the photo, a version of a wall-hung toilet for a classic bathroom

dark marble bathroom

wood effect tiles in the bathroom

The lack of a leg, by the way, will especially appeal to the owners of tiny bathrooms. The more free space on the floor, the more visually spacious the room seems. For the same reason, instead of floor sinks, hanging cabinets under the sink are chosen.

black color in the toilet

green bathroom

bright toilet design

The main fear of homeowners is the flimsy design: we hope we have been able to debunk this myth and show a lot of additional benefits of hanging toilets.

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