How to choose a wedding dress with lace

An exquisite openwork pattern – not a single wedding collection can do without it, it looks sophisticated, feminine and always relevant. Airy curls, filigree patterns, skillful mosaic of ornament are so organic and natural in the image of a bride that designers never cease to be inspired by them.

Despite the fact that the history of lace goes back many centuries, its relevance and popularity is only growing. After all, nothing can so delicately and at the same time expressively emphasize the romance and sophistication of a young girl in love, as patterns of lace fabric.

What wedding is a lace dress suitable for?

Lace can be very different, and you can choose your openwork model for almost any style and concept of the holiday. Much here depends on the cut of the dress, the amount and type of lace.

• A fluffy dress or A-line model with a lace top and appliqués on the skirt will be appropriate for a classic celebration;
• For a wedding in the style of eco, Provence, country, boho and others close to nature, a model of free or straight cut with patterns in ethnic style is suitable;
• At a discreet celebration with a wedding in the church, a bride in a closed dress with a top made of dense lace will look exquisite;
• For a holiday on the beach, a light dress made of tulle or chiffon with lace details, or translucent guipure models are suitable.

Benefits of lace dresses

Openwork and guipure are associated with femininity and sensuality, and wedding models decorated with them are refined and aristocratic so much that they do not require additional decor. Different styles, textures, shades, combinations allow you to create amazingly beautiful and so dissimilar images using lace.

The beauty of openwork fabric is timeless and timeless to the whims of fashion. Most of the famous and most talked about wedding dresses of the last century and today are made of or decorated with lace. It is worth remembering the images of Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, Ivanka Trump, Kim Kardashian to understand that the bride’s lace dress is timeless and trendy.

A variety of weaving techniques and an infinite number of patterns make this fabric suitable for models in different styles. Geometric ornaments – for minimalism, flowers and monograms – for classics, ethnic motives – for boho and country.

Lace Wedding Dresses
Lace Wedding Dresses

Types of lace wedding dresses

Lace is beautiful in itself, but it can also create equally spectacular combinations with other textures. Whether the bride wants her wedding dress to be completely laced or only complemented by exquisite openwork patterns – in any case, her image will be irresistible.

Full Lace Wedding Dress

Fully patterned models are luxurious and delightful. The main emphasis in them falls on the texture of the fabric and the beauty of the ornament, therefore the cut and other details of the image should not be complex and catchy. Feminine A-silhouette, sensual tight-fitting or laconic straight models look the most organic in lace.

Beautiful lace dresses
Beautiful lace dresses

Complemented with lace

Designers offer an endless number of options for using lace to decorate and decorate a dress. A lace bodice can be combined with a tulle skirt, openwork appliques can decorate a satin or crepe model. Ruffles and braid, ornate patterns on translucent tulle, exquisite monograms and airy flowers covering the sleeves, back or neckline – openwork accents can look gentle and romantic, or they can be seductive and sensual.

How to choose a wedding dress with lace

Cut options and styles

The lace fabric creates a feminine and sophisticated image, and the features of the style will present and accentuate all the advantages of the girl’s figure.

• A-silhouette

The bodice, which gently outlines the waist and neckline, and a free flowing skirt, made of delicate lace on a translucent basis, look charming and make the image exquisitely feminine. Openwork ruffle along the portrait neckline will make an expressive accent on the chest, and loose, slightly lowered sleeves will add fragility and grace.

• Fish

There is no model more seductive than a figure-hugging fish made of lace fabric. The cut emphasizes every bend of the figure, and the textured surface and the interweaving of the pattern motives make the image even more attractive.

Wedding dress with a train
Wedding dress with a train

• God

The same feminine, but less hip-fitting cut of the year combines the features of the A-line and mermaid. Models with a closed top and long sleeves will be appropriate for weddings in the temple and modest classics.

Beautiful wedding dresses
Beautiful wedding dresses

• A short

A short lace wedding dress is the choice of stylish brides who want to look sophisticated and modern. The model can be straight cut, tight-fitting or A-silhouette, in any case it is suitable for an informal holiday. After the wedding, she may well become a cocktail party and serve the girl more than once.

Short lace dress
Short lace dress

• Long sleeves, slits, deep necklines

These features of the cut give the lace model and the bride in her additional charm. Long, semi-sheer guipure sleeves look like patterns on naked skin, making the look both discreet and sensual. At the same time, lace sleeves in a wedding dress have many advantages, more about which can be found in the blog article of the wedding salon “Valencia”. Deep cutouts on the back and neckline, covered with guipure or lace inserts, accentuate a beautiful posture, a slim figure and perfect skin. The slit on the skirt not only shows the girl’s slender legs, but also allows the fabric to flutter and flow effectively with every step.

Lace Wedding Dresses
Lace Wedding Dresses

Who is a lace wedding dress for?

Lace is eye-catching and accents. If the bride is the owner of an impeccable silhouette, then the openwork pattern will only emphasize the sophisticated outlines of her figure. Models in which lace complements the main fabric, accentuating the neckline or decorating the skirt and train with separate motifs, are suitable for brides with curvy shapes.

Every bride can find her ideal openwork model. With the help of different textures and bases, as well as large and small motives of the pattern, you can visually adjust the volumes. A cut that harmoniously outlines the girl’s figure, combined with decorative openwork accents, will create a flawless and majestic silhouette. Different shades, the use of contrasting linings and colored ornaments will make the appearance more vivid and expressive.

Thanks to the constant creative searches and daring experiments of the best designers in the world, as well as the emergence of new, impressively beautiful fabrics, openwork wedding dresses from season to season remain trendy and relevant.

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