How to choose and buy the perfect summer perfume?

Summer scents traditionally include light and very fresh aromas. After all, it is they who are able to give coolness on hot days and not be too intrusive. decided to find out in more detail which perfumes are suitable for a hot summer, which specific brands and fragrances to choose, and which of the perfume categories should be preferred.


Perfume categories by durability: which one to choose for the summer?

Traditionally, aromas are classified by persistence, and also by the direction of aroma: floral, herbaceous, oriental, fruity, etc. So, for summer, in terms of durability, it is better to choose not a perfume, since it is the most saturated, but a light eau de toilette. The fact is that perfumes open up in heat and on hot skin quite intensely. This is allowed in the cold season, but in the hot summer such intensity and “activity” of the aroma can only repel.

Avoid the “Extrait” variants – it is the most persistent, and also “EDP” (“eau de perfume”). Instead, look for the label “EDT” or “eau de toilette” on the packaging – this is light eau de toilette. You can also use eau de cologne (EDC), deodorant (DEO) and mist sprays – very light refreshing body sprays based on your favorite perfume scent.

It is best to choose whole series consisting of shower gel, lotion or body cream and such a spray that will have the same scent, and not interrupt each other. Thus, even not very persistent body sprays with a minimum alcohol content, on which the persistence of the scent depends, will envelop you with a light and unobtrusive scent, appropriate on hot days.

How to choose and buy the perfect summer perfume?

Classification of fragrances by families: what to prefer for hot days?

If we talk about fragrance classes in terms of their focus, for summer it is best to choose light “breeze” and “sea” (aquatic) scents, herbaceous, chypre, floral, but without too intense notes, fruity with a fresh main citrus note. Experts advise to choose perfumes with just one main dominant note. In the heat, it is she who can play a beautiful “solo”, while perfume with an abundance of components of the olfactory composition can be felt quite sharply and sometimes even unexpectedly unpleasant.

Many brands release light versions of their famous fragrances especially for the summer season. As a rule, they are all presented in the category of eau de toilette (EDT or eau de toilette), and are often marked summer (“summer”), ice (“ice”), fresh (“fresh”) or freez (“frosty”) … Choose more “daytime” in its composition and light compositions, not cloying or too sweet. In general, unisex perfumes and even men’s perfumes, which are distinguished by their freshness and subtlety, will be an excellent option for ladies.

How to properly apply perfume in summer?

We have already told you about the secrets of perfume durability, how to store them correctly for a longer shelf life and how to apply them correctly so that the scent appears more intensely. In summer, in hot weather on hot skin and under the influence of sunlight, perfume can appear sharper and even more unpleasant, since high temperatures can change the smell.

Therefore, it is best to apply your favorite fragrance to skin that is not exposed to sunlight. These are the neck zones in the back under the hair, the décolleté zone, if it is hidden by a top or blouse, the inner elbow bend zone and even the zone under the kneecap. Do not scent before going out into the summer sun, and even more so on the street: sunlight, reflected on the alcohol composition on your skin, can leave a burn. It is better to apply perfume on the body 15-20 minutes before leaving the house, let it dry completely and only then get dressed.

refreshing perfume for summer

The best refreshing perfume for summer

And below we have collected for you a whole list of the best, in our opinion, and really fresh fragrances from famous brands.

«One Summer» Calvin Klein

An ideal unisex scent that suits both women and men, and is especially good for the summer period. Refreshing, with predominant citrus notes, quite neutral and unobtrusive and truly refreshing – all this can be said about “One Summer” by Calvin Klein. The main audible notes are the smells of grapefruit and sweetish melon, they are complemented by notes of coconut, but at the same time they are not at all sweet.

«Bright Crystal» Versace

This fragrance is sweeter than the previous one, but at the same time light and not cloying. It combines flowers, fruits, and musky notes. The main audible ingredients are pomegranate and magnolia, complemented by spicy musk. This combination makes Versace’s Bright Crystal perfume sweetish, yet sophisticated and very elegant.

Versace perfume

«Cologne Orange Blossom» Jo Malone London

This fragrance is released in the cologne format – in the category of perfume persistence that is perfect for summer. It contains very little alcohol and therefore will not be very persistent. But the aroma of citrus will perfectly open on the skin on hot summer days. Cologne Orange Blossom by Jo Malone London is a combination of citrus, vetiver and oakmoss. Suitable for both women and men for the summer as an ideal daytime perfume.

Summer perfume

«Love in White for Summer» Creed

But this fragrance is released in a much more durable version – it is eau de parfum. But despite its persistence, Creed’s Love in White for Summer perfume was created specifically for summer and will definitely delight you with its lightness and freshness. The main audible notes are a bouquet of white flowers that bloom in the summer. An excellent and quite romantic daytime scent in our opinion.

«Be Delicious» DKNY

This version, even in the classic version, is distinguished by the freshness and sourness of the fruit. But we recommend the limited edition Fresh Blossom Crystallized – it’s even fresher and cooler. DKNY’s Be Delicious includes grapefruit, green apple, sour red currant and sweet peach, plus pink flowers, magnolia and freesia.

«Floral» Jimmy Choo

This perfume will definitely appeal to all fans of floral aromas with light, but completely unobtrusive notes of fruit. Jimmy Choo Floral is a floral explosion: sweet pea flowers gently intertwine with magnolia petals. The bouquet is complemented by notes of mandarin and bergamot, which add freshness to citrus fruits, as well as nectarine, which adds a little sweetness.

«A Girl In Capri» Lanvin

“Girl on Capri” – what name might sound even more logical for a summer perfume? Indeed, the fragrance is inspired by the “holiday” resort island of Capri. Lanvin’s “A Girl In Capri” includes an abundance of citruses like most other summer perfumes: oranges, lemons, tangerines, which are gently complemented by splashes of white flowers.

«Wood for Her» DSquared2

The calm woody scent with the addition of spices seems to have been created precisely to neutralize the summer heat. At the same time, it is very elegant and ideal for business women. He will not be intrusive even in the office. Fresh orange is paired with sweet raspberries, complemented by magnolia and osmanthus flowers, all flavored with strong woody notes.

How to choose a summer perfume

«Love the way you Taste» KILIAN

This is a limited edition of the fragrance, released specifically for the 10th anniversary of the KILIAN brand. A real blast of mint in a mojito cocktail – what could be better for hot summer days? When you open the bottle, the cocktail seems to sparkle and hiss, and you just want to taste it. It combines the aromas of peppermint, lemon and lime, complemented by magnolia flowers and fresh green foliage.

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How to choose a summer perfume



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