How to choose and wear shapewear Part II

Corrective action linen it works wonders with our body. Flat stomach, firm buttocks, high waist breast – and you instantly become a couple of sizes smaller. It models your figure like a sculptor, creating seductive curves curves, highlighting and smoothing where necessary. For a woman, who wants to always be on top, but who doesn’t have time to do anything with its figure, shapewear will be a real godsend.

The idea of creating a modern the shapewear is owned by Sarah Blakely. Somehow, going to the at the party, she decided to wear tight tights under her white pants. The figure pulled itself up, but another figure stood in front of the girl problem: sandals you can’t wear that kind of underwear anymore. Without thinking, Sarah cut off her feet tights. It was then that she came up with the idea of creating a special corrective underwear for women. And possibly without interference the famous TV host Oprah Winfrey, we would never have known about his existence! In 2000, after hearing about an aspiring entrepreneur, Oprah sent a camera crew to Sarah, which was the starting point a starting point in business development. A well-known TV presenter called corrective linen is one of the most revolutionary products of the year and added: “Thanks to the tight pantaloons, I began to choose completely other clothes!”

It is not necessary to assume that in the the corrective element underwear is only needed by women with mouthwatering shapes. It can be useful and slender. For example, you have decided to wear it’s a tight dress, but your waistline isn’t quite perfect. Using then you will be able to create a dream silhouette and look resplendent.

The difference between the corrective and stretch underwear

For body shape correction usually corrective and tightening underwear is used. What is the difference? Shapewear is sewn from dense, rubberized fabrics. It has rigid corselet inserts that tighten problem areas and straighten them posture. Stretch underwear is a lightweight option. Such underwear it is often used to prevent cellulite, as it improves the appearance of cellulite blood circulation and constantly massages the skin. Tight underwear squeezes figure shaping, but not as much as shapewear, so it can be worn every day. It is necessary to clearly determine how strongly and in what way the what areas do you want to adjust the body lines in? Perhaps stretching devices tights or shorts will be quite enough to achieve the perfect fit forms.

How to choose lingerie according to the degree correction

Shapewear for women figure modeling should be divided into three main types and considered their advantages and disadvantages. Tightening effect and degree of correction the figures of such underwear are different, so the purpose of this or that the set is significantly different. So, depending on your if you wish, you can choose your underwear:

• With a slight tightening. It is used for Troubleshooting minor figure problems – skin irregularities, small creases on the abdomen and back, the shape of the hips, and so on. Don’t worry demand too much from this underwear – it is not capable of to cope with serious problems and radically change your figure. The obvious plus is that it can be worn every day: it’s a great addition to your wardrobe. it massages the skin, improving blood circulation and helping to fight against cellulite. Such underwear is tightened due to the materials used in the manufacture elastic synthetic materials that sometimes look like material of tights.

• With a medium drawcord. Thanks to the combination of different fabrics high density and special rubberized inserts, it allows you to handle with extensive problem areas of the body that need correction.

• With a strong pull. With its help, you will become visually slimmer by a few kilograms. Dense fabric and the presence of rigid corset inserts will also help to correct your posture.

Types of corrective underwear


Corrective bodysuit will become an indispensable assistant if you want to make the waist thinner, and the stomach flatter by adjusting the silhouette completely. This type of underwear is often used decorated with lace and translucent inserts. Owners slender figures can afford to wear such a bodysuit in the form of a top with trousers or skirt. Worn directly under the jacket, such a bodysuit it looks sexy and stylish.


A corset or grace will help you in changing the volume of the waist, will smooth the back lines, will help visually increase and lift the chest. Thanks to a fairly rigid design the corset tightens the problem areas and straightens the posture. Corrective action underwear of this type helps to instantly “lose weight” on the one or two sizes and look much slimmer. Agree, it is pleasant go out into the world without feeling uncomfortable about extra pounds. Men will follow with a long look your chiseled waist and high chest, and you will feel easy and at ease.


Corrective panties possess the ability to tighten the buttocks and thighs. Their distinctive feature – complete absence of seams, which makes them completely invisible invisible even under tight clothing. Most often they are sewn with high waist, to tighten the tummy, or are performed in the form of short shorts that lift and tighten the buttocks.

Shorts and knickers

Tight shorts and knickers perfectly form a figure, while remaining completely unnoticeable. They smooth the line of the thighs, make the upper part of the legs visually slimmer, tighten the buttocks. Very often such shorts have an inflated price tag waist. Wear modeling shorts under tight pants and jumpsuits.

Combinations and jumpsuits

Corrective combinations and jumpsuits are indispensable if you want to adjust your figure. Modern designers offer models that are striking in their beauty and style splendor. With their help, you can easily create the silhouette of your dream, you will emphasize the smoothness of the lines and hide the flaws.

How to choose and wear shapewear


Push-up bras are capable of visually increase your Breasts by one or two sizes. It’s rare for a woman to refuse make your Breasts more rounded and alluring. They exist bras with silicone, foam and gel fillers.

Minimizer bras they are necessary if you want to visually reduce and lift your bust. It is considered that to choose a bra for the Breasts of a large size much easier than for a small one. However, the fact remains undeniable the fact that large Breasts are more prone to premature aging aging, faster sagging under the influence of its own weight, losing weight elasticity, scarring and stretch marks may appear on it. Therefore the minimizer bra will be a real salvation. It is not only good supports the breast without squeezing it, but also designed in this way, to reduce the load on the spine and avoid chafing in the area shoulders. This type of corrective underwear is designed for the chest at least size four. By inserting a double-layer fabric into the upper one part of the cups it visually reduces the breast by one and a half to two sizes.

Breeches and leggings

Tight breeches and leggings they belong to corrective underwear with a weak degree of correction. This underwear constantly massages the skin and helps to solve the problem of cellulite.

Correction zones

To begin with, you should decide on the zone that you want to adjust, and we will help you choose it appropriate underwear.

Thighs and buttocks

For the correction of the thighs and buttocks best suited modeling shorts and panties. Full name the absence of seams will make them completely invisible under your clothes, so you can be sure that your favorite dress will fit it looks perfect on you. As a rule, they are sewn with a high waist, so they tighten not only the area of rounded thighs, but also the tummy. The best way how does such underwear fit women with a body type “pear”, which are distinguished by wide hips at the same time relatively small chest and slim waist. For this type of correction the figures are best suited jumpsuits. They will not only tighten the buttocks and the hip area, but also add volume to the chest. A Prime example of this type the figures are Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. The singers do not hide that wear corrective shorts and jumpsuits not only on the red carpet, but also in everyday life.

Stomach and waist

For abdominal and waist correction perfect for a corset, bodysuit or grace. These types of corrective actions underwear tightens the waist, makes the stomach flat, and the lines of the back – more elegant. For women with the “Apple” shape type, which are distinguished by a large chest and tummy with relatively narrow hips and slender legs, you can recommend a minimizer bra. Waistline it will become thinner due to the corset, and the Breasts will be higher and smaller due to the bra, which will help to harmonize the proportions of the figure.

If you have the same shape type “rectangle”, that is, the shoulders and thighs are approximately the same width, the chest is small and slender legs, then the corset should be supplemented with a push-up bra. He it will give your Breasts the missing volume. Choosing a grace or body, it is worth choose underwear with foam or silicone inserts that give the breast extra volume.

How to choose a corrective action linen

Be careful when choosing the right product the size of corrective underwear. It is a mistake to assume that by purchasing underwear one size smaller, you will become thinner. Underwear is out of size, at least, it will not have the desired effect, but as much as possible – will cause harm, by squeezing the blood vessels, which can lead to poor health and even loss of consciousness consciousness. When choosing shapewear, make sure that it fits well on you, without creating unwanted creases on the sides and back, do not “winces” and does not restrict movement. In the first place then you should feel comfortable.

How to choose and wear shapewear

Supporters of natural fabrics you will have to give up your principles – in tight underwear synthetic fibers must be included. It should stretch and shrink, and natural fabrics are not able to provide these functions. In the composition of the underwear includes lycra – it is an elastic fabric, able to withstand sevenfold stretching and then return to normal the original size. Also in the composition of corrective underwear includes polyamide, the content of which often reaches 92%. This one there is no wear on the synthetic fiber, it does not require special care, quickly dries, allows the skin to breathe, holds the shape well, does not sit down when using when washing, it absorbs moisture well. But if you see it as part of the fabric nylon, then it is better to prefer another type of underwear – it is not the most suitable material for close skin contact.

Shapewear requires gentle care. Hand wash is recommended at a temperature no higher than 30 °C using mild detergents. In the car wash shapewear is necessary with care – in the mode of “delicate Laundry”, which is caused by a vulnerability a material that is easily deformed under the influence of temperature and humidity reagents. From machine washing corsets, graces and other types of underwear, having corselet inserts, it is better to refrain – this it can damage the structure.

text: Daria Coleman


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