How to choose and wear shapewear?

Women’s corrective underwear is designed to mask body imperfections with full or insufficiently elastic skin. With it, the body looks more toned, acquires the necessary contours and curves.

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But a positive result is observed only with the correct selection of the product. Let’s try to figure out how to choose corrective underwear in terms of size, quality and degree of correction, as well as consider the rules for wearing it and contraindications.

Operating principle

Body shaping underwear should be distinguished from slimming underwear. The first is made of a denser, rubberized material. Often, the design has rigid corset-type inserts that correct posture or support problem areas. The compression force is always higher than in slimming corrective underwear for women, which is used mainly for the prevention of cellulite.

The basic principle of action is the rational distribution of pressure on the subcutaneous tissue. It creates friction between the fat cells, moving the mass in the right direction.

Women’s corrective underwear can restore the shape of the breast when sagging, and also prevent its deformation. High elasticity of the material minimizes discomfort during wearing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Corrective underwear for women has a number of advantages and benefits:

  1. Instant results. Using the product, you can immediately remove a couple of extra cm from the hips and waist, smooth the skin. This is very convenient if you need to wear clothes that have become small or just a tight-fitting thing.
  2. Reducing the appearance of cellulite and increasing skin elasticity. With the regular wearing of corrective underwear, the figure becomes more toned.
  3. Stealth. There are no prominent seams on such underwear, so it will not attract attention even under tight clothing.
  4. Help in maintaining correct posture.

But it is not without its drawbacks:

  1. Excess weight does not disappear, although it becomes less noticeable. Therefore, at the first intimate date, a man may be unpleasantly surprised by the difference in the appearance of a woman in underwear and without.
  2. The material of the corrective products contains synthetic fibers and can irritate the skin with increased individual sensitivity, especially in hot weather.
  3. Some shapewear models look old-fashioned and not very attractive.
  4. Considerable price for quality products.
  5. Not all shapewear is suitable for everyday wear.

The best shapewear

On sale you can find many domestic and foreign brands that produce shapewear. But we will only consider the 5 most popular brands.


shapewear SILKWAY

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The German brand of professional shapewear Silkway is rightfully considered one of the best, since fashion designers are involved in the development of products. The manufacturer offers:

  • bras;
  • bodysuit;
  • panties, pantaloons and shorts;
  • leggings;
  • corset suits;
  • skirts.

Patterns are seamless, corsets are fixed with hidden zippers or hooks. Made from nylon and spandex. The expected service life of the product with proper operation is 5 years, the warranty is 1 year. Unit cost from 5700 to 29900 rubles.


shapewear RAGO

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RAGO body shaping underwear is made in the USA. The range is presented:

  • belts;
  • panties of different styles;
  • pantaloons;
  • graces;
  • by half-grades;
  • bodysuit and combinations.

Most of the models are undersized. The material is elastic nylon, spandex, cotton, dense lace.

You can choose both a classic model of shapewear and a more modern one. There is a wide range of highly corrected products. Price from 2600 to 8000 rubles.


shapewear Triumph

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German shapewear Triumph has a variety of cuts. From this manufacturer you can purchase:

  • panties;
  • shorts;
  • combedresses;
  • bodysuit;
  • corsets;
  • T-shirts;
  • skirts and dresses;
  • belts;
  • leggings.

The peculiarity of the models is hidden fasteners and a particularly thin material that allows you to put on corrective underwear under a tight-fitting dress. Women note the comfort and physiological cut of this brand’s bras.

When sewing is used, polyamide, elastane, polyester. Price – 1200-7400 rubles, depending on the model.


shapewear Milavitsa

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This Belarusian brand produces for body shaping:

  • pantaloons;
  • grace and half-grace;
  • underpants;
  • corsets and semi-corsets;
  • bodysuit dresses.

There are models of panties that correct not only the volume, but also the shape of the buttocks. Also in the line are bodysuits without cups, with the ability to adjust the straps for any breast size.

Nylon, spandex, lycra are used for sewing, as well as lace and cotton (for individual items). Average price from 1200 rubles. for corrective panties up to 5500 rubles. for the body.


shapewear Maidenform

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Another American brand is Maidenform. He sells quality products at affordable prices. The assortment includes:

  • leggings;
  • corrective underwear for hips and buttocks (panties, shorts, knickers),
  • belts;
  • bras;
  • combinations;
  • grace;
  • combedresses.

When sewing nylon, elastane, polyamide, spandex, cotton are used. There are products with hidden fasteners, as well as without seams. The dimensional grid is small. Affordable prices – from 780 to 4250 rubles.

Hardness degrees

Allocates 3 degrees of rigidity of products that affect the degree of correction:

  1. Small. Light tightening hides skin irregularities and minor fat folds, evens out the silhouette, and improves blood circulation. The effect is achieved due to the presence of special elastic fibers in the fabric. With a low degree of exposure, you can wear corrective underwear every day.
  2. Average. Thanks to the rubberized inserts, the underwear removes the “ears” on the hips and the rolls of fat on the back, the volume is reduced by 1-2 cm. Recommended for wearing under tight clothing.
  3. High. Corrective underwear with a strong degree of correction has corset inserts and, in addition to tightening, helps to maintain correct posture. Using it, you can visually become slimmer in size. The material is very dense and not very comfortable in the heat.

Color spectrum

Considering the high cost of corrective underwear, its color scheme is selected in such a way as to be in harmony with any clothes, without giving away its presence. Lace of the corresponding shade may be present.

Main colors used:

  • bodily;
  • white;
  • the black.

The first option is universal. The next two should be as close as possible to the tone of the outfit worn over the linen.

How to choose the right shapewear?

To choose the right corrective underwear, you need to decide on the zones of influence. Selection of models depending on the tasks:

  1. Panties – to correct the shape of the abdomen.
  2. Shorts, tights, pantaloons, leggings – corrective underwear for the abdomen and thighs, buttock support, reduction of the volume of the upper legs.
  3. Dresses, overalls – modeling the silhouette from chest to mid-thigh.
  4. Bras – both reduction and enlargement of the breast, change in its shape.
  5. Belts, corsets, grace, body – shapewear for the abdomen and waist, as well as lifting the chest.
  6. T-shirts, tops – elimination of fat folds in the back, sides, abdomen.

Other criteria requiring attention:

  1. The size. Why is it important to choose the correct size of shapewear? It is widely believed that the smaller the product, the better the result. In fact, a thing that is not the right size will pull the body over, it will look unaesthetic and create noticeable discomfort.
  2. Convenience. The product should fit exactly on the figure, not crush or gather in folds. Before making a decision, try on the item and check how comfortable it is for you to bend, sit down, raise your arms, etc.
  3. Quality of fabric and tailoring. The best shapewear is elastic, seamless and pleasant to the touch. The absence of seams is especially important when worn under tight clothing.

How to wear shapewear

It is better to get used to corrective underwear gradually, starting from a couple of hours a day and increasing the duration of exposure. But there are limitations. For products of light and medium hardness, the total wearing time should not exceed 12 hours a day, and for high – 6 hours.

Should you wear shapewear with underwear? There is no categoricality on this issue. But if the clothes worn over the tightening are not too tight, for reasons of hygiene it is worth using them. In addition, daily washing will shorten the useful life of the shapewear.


Correctly selected corrective underwear is safe for health, but there are a number of conditions in which such a tightening is contraindicated. These include:

  • thrombophlebitis;
  • varicose veins;
  • dermatological diseases, wounds and injuries in the area of ​​wearing linen;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • hypertension and heart problems;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • allergy to the material of the product.

You can choose corrective underwear to remove the belly, emphasize the waist and chest – the manufacturers have provided all the wishes of women. The instant result from its use looks very tempting, but you should not abuse the pulling at the expense of health.

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