How to choose jeans by body type

Choosing the perfect jeans for fall and winter 2020-2021, which will emphasize all the advantages of the figure.

For many years, jeans have remained a staple of the wardrobe, despite changing trends every season. However, the variety of options and fashion trends do their job, and many choose jeans that not only do not emphasize the figure, but also accentuate the shortcomings. We will tell you which jeans models are ideal for the main body types.


The hourglass figure is a universal type: almost any clothes on it will look perfect. Stylists recommend that girls with an hourglass figure focus on the waist. High-waisted straight jeans for this season are ideal. But for fans of low-waisted jeans, there is bad news: visually, such a model stretches the upper part, makes the figure heavier, and the legs look shorter (at a time when Instagram reigns, such a mistake is unacceptable).

Stylists offer hourglass-shaped girls to pay attention to flared jeans: this season they have regained popularity and have become the main trend of the season. Wear them with tractor-soled boots or square-toe heels.

Kylie Jenner is rarely seen in jeans, but the celebrity knows the features of her figure and always chooses models that emphasize only the advantages of her appearance – long legs and a thin waist.


Left to right: Pinko, Frame, Lacoste


The main tasks when choosing jeans are to distract attention from the voluminous bottom and give balance to the figure. Therefore, stylists advise owners of the “pear” type to choose flared jeans with a high waistline. Straight jeans will also emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws, but it is better to refuse skinny jeans, especially since their triumphant return is not expected in the coming seasons. For example, Rihanna prefers to wear straight ripped jeans in a duet with a top with ruffles and chunky jewelry.

Left to right: Eleventy Women, Trussardi Jeans, Red September

Inverted triangle

In this type of figure, the opposite is true: broad shoulders, narrow hips and an unexpressed waistline. In order to harmonize the voluminous top, you should choose light shades of jeans, which will give the desired volume to the bottom. Jeans-pipes and flared models will cope with this task. Pockets and other decorative elements will help to visually create volume in the hips. A small bonus: the fit of jeans can be any, since there are no strict restrictions for such a figure.

Left to right: Uniqlo, 12Storeez, Mango


In this case, the main task when choosing jeans is to visually narrow the waist. Stylists recommend that you pay attention to jeans with a high rise and choose straight or flared models from the hip. By the way, high-rise skinny jeans look very impressive on a rectangle shape. Owners of a slender figure can experiment with colors and choose white, blue or colored jeans, but for those who are still striving for perfect shapes, it is better to opt for dark denim – other colors visually add volume to the hips.

Left to Right: Levi’s, Brunello Cucinelli, Diesel, Roma Uvarov

“A circle”

The owners of the “circle” figure, as a rule, have narrow hips and slender legs, so the emphasis should be on the merits. Of the shortcomings, there is a voluminous top and an almost complete absence of a waist, so jeans should be chosen with an average fit, otherwise the volume in the abdomen, which is characteristic of this type of figure, will be ugly emphasized. Straight jeans are considered the most suitable option, but if you like skinny jeans, we recommend wearing them with rough shoes with wide tops in order to maintain the desired visual proportions. Reese Witherspoon loves jeans, which is why she can often be seen in straight or flared models.

From left to right: J Brand, Jacquemus, Alexander McQueen

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