How to choose makeup for your face

4 rules for good skin that does not need Photoshop

Consider your skin type

It is important to know that skin type is genetically determined and does not change throughout life. There are four types of skin:

  • Normal – without pronounced problems, with an even tone, a healthy glow and unexpressed pores.
  • Dry – matte, thin, not prone to acne and rashes, but improper care can lead to irritation, a feeling of tightness, early wrinkles.
  • Bold – dense, with a clear shine and enlarged pores, inflammation and blackheads often appear.
  • Combined – prone to dryness around the eyes and on the cheeks, in the forehead, nose, chin, inflammation, oily sheen, enlarged pores can be observed.

It should be understood that the type of skin and the problems with it that may arise periodically are not the same thing. We cannot change the type, but we can improve the appearance of the skin with the right care. Therefore, it is wrong to choose care products, focusing solely on the type of skin. It is necessary to take into account the state of the epidermis – more on this later.

Find out your skin condition

Skin condition is an important indicator that can change under the influence of various factors. Diseases of the body, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy diet, environment and, of course, improper care can change the appearance of the skin regardless of its type.

So, with dehydration owners of any type of skin can encounter. Summer heat, dry indoor air, insufficient fluid intake, taking certain medications, certain diseases can lead to rapid evaporation of moisture from tissues. As a result, there is a feeling of tightness, the complexion becomes grayish, noticeable wrinkles appear, frequent irritation and peeling.

Dehydration often goes hand in hand with dullness skin. In this case, dryness, fine wrinkles, uneven relief, and a decrease in the elasticity of the epidermis are observed.

In response to the aggressive influence of external factors (wind, frost, sun, temperature fluctuations, certain cosmetics), the sensitivity skin. This is manifested by a feeling of tightness after washing, tingling, frequent irritation, periodic appearance of red spots and pigmentation, burning sensation, itching, peeling, poor tolerance to sunlight.

Has similar features and problematic leather. In addition to the tendency to increased dryness or greasiness, acne, spider veins, pigmentation are characteristic of problem skin. Enlarged pores, an unhealthy complexion, acne breakouts, and an irregular surface of the epidermis are often observed.

Another condition faced by dry, oily, and combination skin is withering… With age, the skin becomes less elastic and elastic, wrinkles appear, and the face shape changes. This process cannot be stopped, no matter what the commercials promise us. But daily use of suitable cosmetics will help prevent premature aging and keep skin youthful longer.

How to choose makeup for your face: 4 rules for good skin that does not need Photoshop

Find the Care that’s Right for You

Daily facial skin care at home is a guarantee of its beauty and health. And here, definitely, it is not limited to one means. A comprehensive program using multiple products is required. It is desirable that all cosmetics are of the same line, so that the active components of different products do not conflict with each other.

Stages of regular skin care

  • Cleansing. It is necessary to cleanse the skin twice a day. In the morning, to eliminate toxins and waste products of cells accumulated during the night. In the evening, to remove dust particles and cosmetics from the skin.
  • Toning. Toners help restore the skin’s pH balance, which is disturbed by cleansers and prepare the skin for further cream application.
  • Moisturizing. Lack of moisture in the skin leads to dryness, laxity and early wrinkles. Using moisturizers can help prevent this.

In addition to the basic daily procedures, the skin needs more intensive care from time to time. Scrubs, peels, masks will help to effectively deal with possible skin problems, making it smooth, healthy and radiant.

You already know that it is necessary to select a complex of care products taking into account not only the skin type, but also the existing problems. But it’s difficult to do it yourself. As a result, cosmetics are chosen incorrectly and do not bring the desired result.

ARAVIA Professional experts have prepared a special online test that will help you determine the type and condition of your skin without leaving your home. Just five minutes, and you will learn as much information as possible about your skin, as well as receive useful tips and a comprehensive care program. It’s free, you don’t need to register. Learn all about your skin.

How to choose makeup for your face: 4 rules for good skin that does not need Photoshop

Choose proven cosmetics

Which cosmetics are best? The answer to this question is individual in each specific situation. In any case, these must be certified products from trusted brands that have confirmed the reliability and safety of their products.

If you are worried about imperfections, you should contact a beautician and choose professional cosmetics. These products will enhance the effect of salon procedures and help you quickly deal with skin imperfections. Thus, the products of the ARAVIA Professional home line contain significantly more active substances in comparison with cosmetics from a regular supermarket and will provide professional skin care. But at the same time, the concentration of active ingredients in ARAVIA cosmetics is safe and suitable for home use.

How to properly care for your face: a memo

  1. Choose a care taking into account the characteristics of your skin – its type and condition. The type is genetically inherent, while the skin condition changes and it can be corrected.
  2. To find out which cosmetics is right for you, consult a specialist. Alternatively, you can go through online diagnostics and get advice on care without leaving your home.
  3. Use quality products from trusted brands. These products have been tested and are safe for customers.

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