How to choose shorts by body type

In the summer, God himself commanded to wear shorts – when the landscape around us begins to melt from the heat, it is comfortable shorts that come to the rescue, which can be combined with almost any clothing. Look at the French women – this summer, women of fashion like Leia Sfez take to the streets on the warmest days in white shirts and shorts with a raw hem. Unfortunately, shorts don’t always fit equally well on different shapes. For example, if you want to look slimmer and are trying to hide your hips, you should definitely not wear tight, low-rise shorts. Today we decided to finally place all the dots on i, talking about how to choose shorts by body type. You just have half a summer left to master this wisdom.

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If your figure resembles rectangle – not very pronounced waist, shoulders and hips are not very different in width – we recommend adding volume in the lower part. Choose wide, elongated shorts, and massive patch pockets on the sides will be an additional plus.

Owners volumetric middle part will want to emphasize the length of their legs, so your choice is cropped shorts (like the star-adored cut-offs) with a mid-rise. Another little secret – make sure that your shorts do not end at the widest part of your thigh, otherwise your legs will seem fuller than they really are.

Next on our list are the luckiest girls with body type. “hourglass”… Almost any model will work for you. Remember that slightly flared shorts will help you visually lose a couple of kilograms, and shorts with tucks will also do this task perfectly. Well, for the very brave there is the most fashionable version of this summer – micro shorts made of light jersey.

Are you worried about the ears on your thighs and too voluminous bottom? No problem! A high waist will come to your aid, as well as plain wide shorts to the middle of the thigh, which will not focus on unnecessary places. To add harmony to your look, try wearing a blouse with ruffles, colorful prints, or decorative elements.

What to do when shoulders are much wider than hips? This part is dedicated to everyone who was actively involved in swimming and gymnastics in childhood. Again, our task is to bring the figure to harmony. This means that the same wide, high-waisted shorts will work best for you. Feel free to choose colorful models with tucks, cotton lace inserts, large pockets and other “enlarging” details. Avoid tight, low-rise shorts.


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