How to choose the best hair dryer?

Define the main use of the hair dryer

It sounds silly, but you won’t have the same level of requirements if you are looking for a device to dry your hair and / or that of your children, as if you are a fan of celebrity blow-drying. In the second case, you will need more power, sharp accessories and a device that is as light as possible and easy to handle.

Temperature and power to watch for your hair dryer

These are the two criteria that should not be overlooked in order not to regret your choice. Most hair dryers vary in power between 1200 and 2400 watts. Models exceeding 2000 watts are similar to what the pros use in salons. They choose models with so-called “AC” motors, most often made in Italy and much more reliable, efficient and robust than models designed in China whose motor is said to be “DC”.

The more powerful the hair dryer, the more it is able to give off a forceful and warm air flow

Ideally, it has a dimmer that can allow you to adjust both the heat and the air flow (the most sophisticated hair dryers have up to 3 levels each). This can be important for those who want to achieve real brushings. It will also appeal to those who only have a few minutes to dry their hair and therefore need toa “turbo” version.

Better yet, if your hair dryer may have a cold air function, this will allow you, as a final gesture, to better “Fix” the movement given to your hair for your hairstyle and limit the formation of electric hair.

Options in addition to hair dryers

Of course, they have an impact on the price of hair dryers, but they offer significant qualities for those who use their device very frequently. They mainly concern those who dream of an impeccable brushing and will bet on a model, if not called “professional”, which is very similar. For example, there are devices offering ionic technology (which diffuses negative ions in the form of tiny drops of water) or a tourmaline coating. These allow the efficient elimination of static electricity generated by positive ions and boost shine lengths. In addition, the drying is faster. In short, they have it all.

There is also hair dryers endowed with ceramic. Thanks to this material, the heat is distributed evenly, which optimizes drying. Last option, the infrared technology, which limits the overheating of the device to take care of the hair and leave it soft and shiny after drying. Finally, look at the little details that are not so incidental, such as the length and maneuverability of the device cable, the ergonomics of its handle, the removable and easy to clean grid …

Quiet, professional, the accessories to choose for your hair dryer

Do you have the perfect brushing? Make your life easier by choosing a model hair dryer equipped, if not with several tips, with the one that best matches the nature and length of your hair. A large model is ideal for pre-drying long hair and then smooth with precision by being placed just above the round brush. A narrower tip will give more precision to work the entire contour of the face, but also short cuts.

Do you have wavy, curly hair that you want to curl and plan to keep it as it is most of the time? A diffuser will be essential to you. As the name suggests, it distributes the heat of the device evenly to “coat” the lengths and help them fix their natural movement.

The right way to use your hair dryer

Before you start drying, spray a thermo-protective treatment all over your hair to protect it from heat. Whether you want to straighten or curl your hair, start by pre-drying it using a wide tip. If you have a thinner one, use it to straighten your hair by placing the hairdryer just above a wick about 5-6 cm wide, stretched with a round brush. In a few passes, you will obtain a well-smoothed strand. If your device has a cold air function, use it to fix the movement obtained.

To give spring to your loops, add a diffuser to your hair dryer, then place the wicks between the teeth of the latter until they dry, taking a nice movement. To make your life easier, always start with the strands at the bottom and end with those on the top of the head.

Hair dryer models tested and approved by the editorial staff

Thermo Protect Ionic 2200 W hair dryer – Dry Care Advanced – HP8232 / 00, Philips, € 29

Despite its low price, it concentrates most of the criteria to take into account to have a quality hair dryer, in particular a 2200 watt motor, three levels of speed and temperatures, including the thermo-protect function which limits the sensitization of fibers.

I-Pro 2400W Red Hair Dryer – 6615E, BaByliss, € 39.99

This small model has everything of a car made in Italy: the general power of 2400 watts, the professional motor bearing the so-called “AC” quality mark, the multiple settings, the ionic anti-static electricity function, including the color.

Hair dryer – Pro Silk Dryer 2400 W, Remington, € 30.44

He is the ally of women in a hurry who needa “turbo” function to speed up the drying of their hair and save time. In addition to that, it has three temperature levels and three air speed levels, which means that the flow can reach 140 km / h.

Ghd AIR Professional hair dryer, ghd, € 89.99

Ultra-luxury, ergonomic and equipped with several accessories, this hair dryer has everything of a pro, starting with a 2100 watt motor. In addition, there are two removable tips, 3 speed levels as well as patented ionic technology to discipline the lengths and make them more brilliant. We tested it, here is what we thought of the ghd air hair dryer.

Supersonic hair dryer, Dyson, € 509.04

By its shape, its way of diffusing the air, the sound it emits, this device is distinguished from all the others. Top, the drying of the hair is done in express version thanks to a flow of air completely controlled to avoid the losses. In addition, the accessories are fixed by a magnetic system, this facilitates the use of the device, when your hands are full. Discover the test we carried out.


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