How to choose the length of a skirt according to the type of figure

How to choose the length of the skirt according to the type of figure? We present you with a complete overview of the models with descriptions that will help you determine the exact style and highlight your beauty!

How to choose the right skirt

Slims? Fills? Visually shortens growth? But she is so beautiful and fashionable this season!

Yes, these feelings are definitely familiar to us. And there is only one secret of the correct selection of a skirt. Therefore, we decided to share with you a selection of stylist tips that will help you choose the length of the skirt according to the type of figure.


How to determine your body type? At the beginning of each subheading, we’ll highlight key clues that will help you accurately answer this question. And at the end, we will show what types of skirts exist and who they are suitable for. Ready? Then let’s get started!

Rectangle. If you look at yourself in the mirror, you can see it immediately: the hips, waist and shoulders are about the same width. Your shape is visually similar to a rectangle. In this case, you need a skirt that will slightly increase the hips. It:

  • Babydoll style;
  • Tutu skirt;
  • Layered mini skirt;
  • With a peplum or pleated.

Length: mini and flats, medium or midi, but with heels.



See where you put on the most excess weight. For body type, the apple is the belly. And you also have a lush beautiful chest, the girth of which is approximately equal to the girth of the hips. You can measure with a centimeter and compare the results obtained. If the difference is small, your body type is an apple.

In this case, pay attention to skirts with a wrap, asymmetrical cut, peplum, A-line. They visually distract attention from the waist, but emphasize the thin part of the legs. Length: French, classic.




Look in the mirror: the shoulders are narrow in relation to the hips, there are ears in the hips and the excess weight smoothly flows into a small tummy. Your body type is a triangle! Choose skirts from the year, long or A-line. Length: knee-length, midi and maxi.

For this type of figure, try to choose a solid dark bottom. Without prints, give up light flowing fabrics.


Inverted triangle

Everything is accurate, but vice versa: massive shoulders, narrow hips, excess weight on the chest and shoulders. Most of the time this type of figure has slender legs, so feel free to show them. Flared models, layering, ruffles, ruffles, midi length are also suitable for you.



The girth of the hips and chest is about the same, but unlike the figure of the apple, the waist is clearly visible, and the weight accumulates in the hips or chest. Any model of skirts suits you: mini, classic, French length, midi and maxi.

And now we present you a small guide that will help you choose a skirt according to the type of figure based on its length.


Mini skirt

Miniskirt: a model with a length of about 20 cm. If you want to wear such a skirt, then you must have beautiful, slender and straight legs, since the whole emphasis will be on them. Flat shoes are suitable for a miniskirt. And here’s another important rule:

A voluminous skirt – a fitted top, a fitted skirt – a volume at the top of the chest.

This tip will help you create the right accents for your figure. Therefore, it can be safely worn by representatives with a triangle shape and an hourglass.



Medium length or classic

This is a skirt that does not reach the knee by a couple of centimeters. She looks very elegant with different shoes and suits almost all body types. Do not choose the classic skirt length if you have full legs or too skinny knees. All attention will be focused on this particular part of the body.


French length

A skirt that slightly covers the knees. Or rather, 5-6 cm. This is a universal model of a skirt that suits absolutely all body types. Even if you have something wrong with your knees, then this length covers them, which means there is nothing to worry about. Now everything depends on height: for short girls, French and any next length is worn only with a wedge or heel. Any shoe is suitable for medium to tall height.



Very feminine skirt length. It covers all problem areas of the body, only the ankles are visible. But remember: wear only with shoes, even if you are of medium or tall height. It visually reduces height, so you will look like a grandmother in sneakers. But still, some girls can wear shoes on a flat run, while they look great.



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Maxi is maxi: floor length. No exposed ankles or other leg parts. Only to the floor and only in heels, if you do not want to shorten your height. A maxi skirt is suitable for a different type of figure, but if you are the owner of a lush size, then choose the most straight, not tight-fitting model in dark colors, without prints, decor, pleats. Any model is suitable for everyone else. Just choose the right top to relieve or add volume to the shoulder and chest lines.



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So, we figured out how to choose skirts according to the type of figure, how long they are and who suits them. Just a few minutes in front of the mirror, and you will know exactly what to buy next time.



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