How to choose the perfect mascara: tips and tricks

Lengthening mascara, curling, adding volume and length, with a round brush, straight or curved. How to choose the right mascara and not get confused by such a variety?

shape selection

Just like hair combs, mascara brushes are designed for different occasions. The effect obtained depends on the shape of the brush. For example, curling mascara will most likely have a curved brush, while a straight, thick-bristled brush will paint your lashes evenly and over their entire length. If neatness is not your strong point and when dyeing your eyelashes you stain your upper eyelid, then you should get a short-bristled mascara on a brush. It is the easiest to control. To learn more about how one mascara brush differs from another, read this resource.

material matters

Many makeup artists believe that the result of eye makeup depends on the material of the brush. Previously, they were made of plastic, but now you can increasingly find a brush made of silicone or rubber. Such brushes are more elastic, with a hard, dense bristle, perfectly separate the eyelashes and prevent them from sticking together into one big lump. How to choose the mascara that’s right for you? You need to experiment with different brushes.

Mascara texture and formula

A good mascara can be recognized by two factors: composition and texture. Types of mascara are full of variety. The volumizing mascara contains moisturizing ingredients and enveloping particles that, when applied to the eyelashes, swell and make them more fluffy. Curling mascara contains polymers that tighten the lashes after drying. It is due to tightening that the twisting effect is created. It can easily be equated with using a curler. The “feature” of the lengthening mascara is the small villi in the composition, which “build up” on the eyelashes and make them visually longer.

What criteria do you use for choosing mascara for yourself?


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