How to choose the perfect simple wedding dress

A wedding is the brightest and most significant holiday in your entire life, on this day you want to look perfect. Only ideals are different. Most often, white dresses with a fluffy skirt, corset part and bodice, where embroidery, pearls and lace are used as decor, are chosen for a wedding. Such outfits transform girls best of all, thanks to which we can get a feminine luxurious look.

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The downside of this wedding look is its prevalence. Plenty of brides around the world choose white dresses with a full skirt and standard decor. As a result, everything looks elegant and festive, but gradually turns into the uniform of the average bride. If you want to create a unique image, you can go in different ways.

1. Search or order a custom luxurious dress or suit

2. Buy or have a custom-made simple wedding dress that will look perfect. We talked a lot about the advantages of minimalism, when the lack of decor allows you to focus on the main thing. Today we will try to choose such a dress.

At first glance, the task of buying a simple wedding dress looks very easy. In reality, the opposite is true. There is a large selection of simple outfits, but it is not enough to buy a dress in the style of minimalism. The main thing is to be able to choose the perfect dress that can blend in with the bride and get a flawless look. It is actually difficult and not always possible for designers and professional stylists. It’s even more difficult for ordinary girls, but it’s worth a try. We will go to salons and try on simple outfits until we find one that will delight.

Luxurious and simple wedding dresses
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How to choose the perfect wedding dress

1 Cloth. Given the lack of decor, the main decoration of the outfit will be fabric. Traditionally, brides chose the most expensive natural fabrics. Although recently, naturalness should not be made a prerequisite. The fashion industry is not in vain in constant search. Fabrics are constantly being improved, new properties and qualities appear.

Simplicity can be different too. Look at the photos of brides from aristocratic families, many have dresses without rich decor and at first glance look simple. The second source of inspiration is the sophisticated minimalism style. And you can also turn towards the future. Modern fabrics that change color, built-in lighting, and other technologies make a dress look simple, but in terms of cut and traditional decor, it can look very minimal.

2 Style. Even the models on the catwalk look different, one is simpler, the other is more beautiful, and some are perfect. We all have different shapes and external data. Knowing our characteristics, we choose a dress of the desired style, which will most favorably emphasize the figure and make the image flawless.

Wedding dresses Viktor & Rolf
Viktor & Rolf

The most reliable options are the Greek style, such dresses are time-tested and adorn all girls. If you want to be more fashionable and modern, we give preference to models such as T-shirt dress and shirt dress. In this case, the length can be very different, from short to floor length.

3 Confidence. Many brides lack the noble confidence to wear a simple wedding dress with dignity. This is especially true for simple, form-fitting models made from smooth, glitter fabrics. If the dress does not have any decor, you need to have a perfect figure or confidence, because there is no way to hide behind lace and fabric flowers.

With stylish knowledge and some experience, you can choose the perfect dress even from simple fabrics, thanks to which a wedding dress can be quite inexpensive, and the image will turn out perfect. Having a lot of money does not guarantee the right choice at all. Everywhere there are girls in expensive outfits that look like cheap rags on them.

How to choose the perfect simple wedding dress
Caroline Castigliano
How to choose a simple wedding dress
Justin Alexander

How to choose a simple wedding dress
Justin Alexander

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